LONDON EATERIES – Luxurious Levant – The Place You Must See

This restaurant will honestly change your life. If you are looking for a restaurant that will transport your body, mind, soul and taste buds to a different country, a restaurant that has impeccable choices for food that will enable you to experience the restaurant’s culture, then Levant is the place for you. Located 3 minutes away from Bond Street Station, this Lebanese restaurant will leave you wanting more and more.

Your experience with Levant will begin even before you enter the restaurant. The scents of fresh plants will dance underneath your noses as you enter, as there are two big plants on both sides of the doorway entrance. The beautifully decorated lanterns that are placed on top of the stairs that lead you down to the restaurant brightens the darkened staircase up. As soon as you go down the stairs, you see a big mirror on the wall and just below is a small counter top that has gold circular pot that has water in them with rose petals sprinkled on top of the water.

When you finish walking down the stairs, you are immediately introduced to the Lebanese culture. Beautiful, upbeat, soulful Lebanese music plays in the background. The decor of the restaurant is compelling, exquisite. The reddish brown walls help bring out the appearance of the big mirrors on the walls and the tiny lanterns help you find your way through the slightly darkened restaurant, catering to the intimate setting of the restaurant. There is a disco ball which shines colourful lights all across the room, giving the restaurant a relaxed, chilled club vibe, a perfect location for you and your friends and family to dine in.

The furniture in the restaurant is amazing. The chairs have colourful patterned designs on them. The colour Gold seems to be the main colour theme in this restaurant as there are Gold pots to put bottles of champagnes in along with ice, creative Gold patterns on the chairs and Gold patterns on the tables. There are wine glasses and candles on the tables, adding to the intimate setting and vibe of the restaurant; a perfect date night location.

The menus are presented in red and brown perfect hardback books. Brown for the feast menu and red for the choices of beverage.

With all of the beverage choices, the Pina Colada will definitely stick out to you. Coming in a tall glass, you immediately smell the pineapple as a wedge of pineapple is garnished on the side of the glass. The pineapple mixes well with the coconut as it helps give a sweetened taste to the overall flavour. You can never go wrong with Pina Colada.


Filled with natural and fresh ingredients like parsley, mint, onion, tomatoes, cracked wheat and many more, this is a perfect light dish for a starter as it prepares you for the wonderful feast that will follow after.

Batata Harra

The potatoes were cooked to perfection; they were soft, warm and accompanied by fresh coriander, bringing that light natural fresh aroma to the potatoes. The garlic and red peppers added a kick to the overall flavour of this dish with its spicy traits.

Baba Ghannouj

The incredible aubergine puree is a rich creamy, velvety dish. The garlic does a fantastic job of adding a spicy, delicate flavour to the puree. The lemon juice blesses the dish with its hint of citrus. The tahini sauce gives a nutty flavour with its sesame seeds paste.

Koussa Bil Tahini

This courgette puree is perfect dish for Vegetarians. This fine delicate dish is perfect in its appearance and also in taste. The mint adds a crisp taste to the starter. The vinegar taste of the lemon is balanced out by the garlic and the sweet yoghurt.


This chickpeas mixture has a cooling taste to it, eating it with a piece of bread makes this dish a simple yet fulfilling dish.

Sambousek D’jej

The crispy pastry is a perfect match for the succulent tasty chicken that you taste once you bite into it.

Kibbe Lahme

This will remind you of a childhood treat: Kinder Surprise. Remember the ball of chocolate that you would bite into and in the middle, there would be a treat? The same principle applies here. When you bite into the cracked wheat pastry, you will find a delicious surprise in the middle; deep fried lamb which is mixed by the sweet onions and pie nut.


Muhammar will be the best dish you will ever taste. The presentation of the Muhammur is absolutely exceptional. The slowly cooked lamb shoulder smells remarkable. The couscous is the perfect dish to compliment the mouthwatering lamb shoulder. The sweetness of the apricots and dates is balanced by the savoury fig prunes.

Fruits are perfect for dessert as it is the best and healthy option to restore your energy after all that satisfying food.

The Peaches, Grapes and Watermelons that were served for dessert were fresh, delicious and simply sweet and the tea was the perfect drink to end the whole night on.

If you think that this beautiful place is too good to be true, then take a trip down to Levant. There is also an amazing form of entertainment during the night that you wouldn’t want to miss for the world.

Shelly Diafuana

Food 5
Ambiance 5
Service 5
Decor 5
Drinks 5

76 Wigmore St, Marylebone, London W1U 2SJ

020 7224 1111