Heart London Magazine’s Christmas Gift Guide 2018 – For Him

Olverum Bath Oil

Olverum’s Bath Oil really is magic in a bottle, so it’s no wonder it was a winner at the Tatler Beauty Awards this year.  Drop just half a cap full into your bath and almost instantly the air will be filled with the beautiful scent of Eucalyptus. As you step into the water you will feel as if you are stepping into silk and it will work magic on your skin.  If you are not a bath lover, after you use this bath oil we defy you not to become one! Not only can you unwind, soothe muscles and relieve stress, Olverum helps promote sleep and is unisex – so you can share it, although you may not want to! This luxury bath oil goes a long way and is so blissful that it’s worth every penny.

Available at Olverum for £32.00 (125 ml), £58.00 (250 ml) or 3 mini’s for £22.00

Buff Headwear

When working out outside this winter, a woolly hat might be too much but don’t forget you still need to keep your head warm. Buff has created a great range of headwear that is eco-friendly and manages moisture. We love the stylish grey Charcoal Grey Multi Stripes hat and think the man in your life will too! The Buff hat is an ideal product for those who love a comfortable and natural fibre hat. It’s made from Marino wool and is perfect for outdoor activities like trekking, hiking or climbing.

Available at Buff for £22.50

Green People Tree and Seed Gift SetGreen People have a fantastic range of wonderful toiletries for men that smell divine and are organic. This gift set contains a eucalyptus and mint shower gel and cooling moisturiser, make this a perfect stocking filler or gift for a relative or loved one. These fragrances together are refreshing and invigorating, perfect to use in the morning or after a workout. We are huge fans of Green Organic and are sure once you try them you will be too. A great gift at a fantastic price.

Available for Green People for £24.95

Green People Men’s Gym Bag Heroes

This gift is perfect to take to the gym or travel with and comes in a very stylish black bag. The kit contains Thyme and Prebiotics Deodorant, Itch Away Shampoo and a detox shower gel. Not only do Green People make safe organic products, but they also smell divine too. The shampoo is made from Organic Aloe Vera, Green Tea, Seaweed & Thyme, the deodorant prevents odour without pore-clogging and the shower gel is SLS free. Any man in your life will enjoy receiving this handy kit and enjoy it long after Christmas ends.

Available at Green People for £39.95

Jam ‘Out There’ Wireless Headphones   

These sturdy headphones are perfect to enjoy music or films, they are comfortable and easy to use. They connect easily by Bluetooth to your listening device, can pause music to make hands free calls and you can control the volume with the built-in controls. The active noise cancellation ensures crisp sound whether you plug it in with an aux cord or go totally wireless. Give the gift of music, with these quality and well prices headphones.

Available at Jam Audio for £39.99

Glenlivet Whisky Captain’s Reserve

Glenlivet’s Whisky has done it again! They never disappoint with their products. The Glenlivet Captain’s Reserve is the new Whisky by the brand which delivers the scents and flavours of fruits. Fruits such as Orange, Apricot, and Pear with a few dashes of Cinnamon and Honey all marinate together to create the powerful taste of a creamy, citrusy single malt. This, by far, has to be the best Single Malt Scotch Whisky Glenlivet has produced. The perfect Christmas present for whisky lovers.

Available at Tesco for £45.00

Jamaican Cove Black Ginger Rum

If you are a rum lover or know someone who has a perfect collection of rum in their humble adobe, this new Jamaican Cove Black Ginger Rum is a perfect choice for their Christmas stash! This rum which has a smooth, silky taste on the lips and hints of lemongrass and citrus which linger underneath your noses just before you drink is blended with 100% pure Jamaican pot and column still rums. If you want to start your Christmas festivities with a bang, this drink is the perfect choice to do so.

Available at Masters of Malt for £26.60

Baileys Almande

The most popular drink on the market, Baileys Almande might be the best drink to purchase for a loved one this Christmas. Contained in a beautifully designed bottle, the gentle glitter decoration on the bottle that appears before you when you place it in the light resembles the glitter that you see on Christmas decorations. The colour of the bottle takes after the colour of the Bailey Almande drink; creamy white, bright and pure. This Bailey Almande drink is one of a kind. The plant design on the bottle links back to the fact that this drink is dairy free and is perfect for vegans. It’s velvety on the lips and incredibly rich in the taste of almonds. This will be the perfect drink choice for you and your family members whilst you relax and watch Christmas movies.

Available at Tesco for £20.00

Intempo Leather Effect Headphones

When shopping and browsing for a new pair of headphones, we usually look for something light, something that is easy to use and easy to take to places. Intempo Leather Effect headphones have the simplest yet effective qualities that every headphone should have. With its new folding design, you can use these on the move or at home. You can fold them up and put them away when you don’t need them and unfold them when you want to search and play the hottest songs are on your Spotify playlist. You can pump up the volume, feel and hear the bass as Intempos superior sound is exactly that, superior. This is Perfect for family members or friends who are constantly on the move (going to the gym, working, running errands), great for kids to use when they are watching their favourite films and TV shows on their parent’s laptops and perfect for you to just block the stress out and get in tune with yourself again.

Available at www.intempo.co.uk for £14.99

Nuevo Club Tracksuit

Sometimes finding the most stylish yet comfortable hoodie and joggers can be difficult work, especially if you are buying it for a special man in your life. We know that it must be comfortable for them to wear, it must fit accordingly and look snazzy. Well, look no further because Nuevo Club’s new tracksuit will have your men looking dapper! The Signature Taping Grey Hoodie by Nuevo Club is simple in its design yet trendy. The grey hoodie which has the Nuevo club logo on the left side along with black and white stripes running down each arm makes this hoodie perfect to wear to the gym with its sporty characteristics, perfect to wear at home and perfect to wear when you are out with your friends as it makes you look clean and sharp. The Signature Taping Grey Joggers are very snug, it also has the white and black stripes down the side of your legs and the design around the ankles make it easier for you to wear these joggers and show off your new trainers. The perfect Christmas present for your boyfriend, younger brother or nephew, they will be able to embrace the Christmas cold weather with this stylish and comfy tracksuit.

The Signature Taping Hoodie is available here for £54.99 and the Signature Taping Joggers is available here for £44.99 

Wireless Bluetooth Headphones RP-HTX80B

Dance to the beat of your favourite Christmas tunes with Panasonic’s Digital Wireless Stereo Headphones. This phenomenal set of headphones has a voice control startup, enabling you to give orders using your voice. The sharp bass embedded in these headphones allows the music you are listening to take over your body, making you dance. You can hear every instrument playing your songs as if you were in the studio when this song was being recorded; a characteristic similar to those of Dr Dre Beats headphones. It has a 15-minute fast charge which can be done with a USB which is included inside the packaging. On one side of the headphone, there are a variety of buttons such as the Play/Pause button for music, a rewind and fast-forward button for you to rewind back to your favourite songs or fast forward past the songs that you listen to the least. There is also a phone icon button, this button allows you to take and end calls. The Bluetooth pairing feature lets you connect your headphones to any device that has Bluetooth! This will be a great gift for teenage boys as they will be able to use these headphones whilst playing their game consoles and speaking to their friends online, great for teenage girls so they can watch their favourite shows and it is the ultimate perfect gift for anyone who has been searching for a new pair of headphones.

You won’t be disappointed with this product.

Available at Panasonic for £99.99

Only Fools And Horses Complete BBC TV Series Boxset

Only Fools and Horses is one of the greatest British comedy shows in history. We’ve all had times when we have search for certain episodes on YouTube and on TV show websites. Well with this Only Fools and Horses Complete BBC TV Series Box Set, you can watch Only Fools and Horses from the very first season all the way up to season 7 and watch all 15 Christmas specials! Take a trip down memory lane and be reminded as to why you fell in love with Rodney, Del Boy, and Uncle Albert as you will be able to go back to the beginning and remember how it all started. You will have moments where you will be saying to yourself and others around you ‘oh I remember this scene’ and ‘let’s rewind that bit again’. Treat yourself and the people you love with comedy gold. You can’t go wrong with comedy gold.

Available on Amazon for £34.99

Fat Face Men’s Sandalwood Mini’s

This mini set of shampoo, body wash, and moisturiser is the perfect gift set for those fragrance fanatics this season. This attractive set comes in a nautical style case and is perfect to take on weekends away or overseas travels. The moisturiser, body wash and shampoo all smell divine. Each bottle is a good size so they will last for a while and it is great value for money at only £15.00 for the set. This handsome gift set makes a great present or an excellent stocking filler. Not only is it practical, but it is also attractive and is sure to be well received by your loved one this Christmas.

Available at Fat Face for £15.00

Leather Wallet by Zippo

A good quality leather wallet never goes out of style, which is why this leather wallet by Zippo is the perfect thing to purchase for someone this Christmas. This wallet can hold up to 13 cards. There is plenty of space for you to place your credit cards, business cards, small notes, and reminders etc. There is a transparent plastic pocket where you can put your favourite picture of your family. You can’t go wrong with this product as its velvety leather material makes this wallet a suitable yet classic present.

Available at Zippo for £21.50

Monopoly: Cheaters EditionSpice up your game nights this Christmas with this new Monopoly Game: The Cheater’s Edition. This edition of Monopoly takes the whole game to another level with funny business taking place, money being borrowed and the rules being bent! The fact that there are rules which encourage players to express their inner cheater, this will make your game nights rowdy yet entertaining.

A fantastic and daring edition of a classic game which encourages you to break the rules, what could possibly go wrong?

Available at Amazon for £17.49