BEAUTY – Now You (Vitamin) C Me

We’ve been told since childhood that vitamin C is good for us and living the mantra that five-a-day will keep illnesses at bay.
And while eating well does have a knock-on impact on your outward appearance, as well as your inner health, skin specialists have cottoned onto the fact that anti-oxidant vitamin C can revolutionise your skin when applied topically.
The hero ingredient was the most ‘searched for’ beauty product online last year as shoppers flock to the enjoy its collagen-boosting effects, while helping to treat UV exposure photo-damage. It’s not only prescribed as added sun protection, to be used alongside SPF, but it also fights against ageing – combatting wrinkles and sagging.
The market has quickly followed suit to this growing beauty trend and thus beauty counters have been flooded with orange-tinted products proudly shouting about their vitamin C potency and wearing the letter like a badge of honour.
My favourite vitamin C heavy item is the Kimberly Sayer Anti-aging cream. The organic, hand crafted product which retails at £28.50 for a generous 60ml.
It’s suitable for all skin types, but works especially well if yours is dry and mature and looks fabulous underneath make-up.
The creamy texture glides onto your face, using the potent ingredient, derived from rose hips, and smoothes and tightens the face. It lacks the greasy feel of many moisturisers and doesn’t leave an unpleasant shine. Use this for a month mornings and night and you’re onto a winner.