LONDON EATERIES – Fulfill your sweet tooth at whipped Covent Garden

Just a five minute walk from the Covent Garden Tube Station you will find a new and upcoming way to fulfill your ‘sweet tooth’ cravings, Whipped. Walking into Whipped was like walking into a pop-art comic book. The decor was eye grabbing with a lovely pink color and touched with blue and yellow. I was greeted by the lovely co-founder and chef, Alice and she explained to me  their unique menu.

Whipped has a one of a kind menu because all the treats are original recipes created by Alice, who’s been a chef for over fourteen years. Whipped offers a variety of yummy treats including hot chocolate, coffee, snacks like donuts and cakes, and their famous frozen and whipped cheesecakes!

Each hot chocolate is topped with whipped cream and sprinkles from their wall of 50 different sprinkles! However, keep in mind you can get four different flavours of hot chocolate or stick to the delicious classic. The Black Forest flavour has a touch of cherry with its different flavored whipped cream. If you enjoy a bit of citrus with your chocolate you’ll enjoy the luscious Jaffa Hot Chocolate with a kick of orange sprinkles added atop the cream!

Just like any cafe, Whipped does have tea and coffee on its menu for those who are into classics.

All cheesecakes, frozen and whipped, are created in the kitchen right at Whipped. Each day there is a different flavor of frozen cheesecake (I was able to enjoy the soft and sweet Toffee flavor).

Customers get a new surprise every day by trying a different frozen cheesecake every time they visit. Some past flavours have included a chocolate cookie crumble, strawberry and white chocolate, ginger caramel, and cherry cheesecake flavour. The texture is similar to ice cream but because Alice makes the frozen cheesecake with a bit of custard it allows for a soft, ‘melt in your mouth’, texture.

There are five luscious whipped cheesecake flavours that Alice has created. Each whipped cheesecake includes a combination of different ingredients, again all original. One of the best sellers is Honey Bee, I think because of the homemade honeycomb biscuit atop the cheesecake but also the combination of sweet and salty is to die for. The homemade honeycomb is so delicious and has been asked for a lot by customers that Whipped now offers small bags of honeycomb for them to take home and enjoy!

Alice has even added a vegan flavour making the menu more approachable. Keep in mind, if you are daring you will be able to make your own whipped cheesecake by choosing your own base, whip, toppings and sauce. Again, even creating your own allows you to choose from vegan options.

Whipped, 160 Drury Ln, London WC2B 5PN

Sarah, Heart London Magazine