CHILDREN – Enjoy hours of fun on the Step 2 Rudolph the Rocking Reindeer

This is a gift that can be enjoyed all year long, not just at Christmas. Your little one is not the only one who will enjoy this wonderful rocking reindeer, as you can enjoy watching them discover this wonderful new toy with a smile and a giggle. Rudolph is light enough to move from room to room and sturdy enough to be safe. Just pop in a few screws and the toy is ready to be ridden.

Rudolph’s antlers double as handlebars, helping kids to balance while rocking, and is sturdy to prevent tipping. The bright and squeaky red nose makes this reindeer extra-festive, although Rudolph isn’t just for Christmas as you can guarantee your little one will want to play with him longer after the festive season passes.

Available from (£34.99 – £49.99) at Costco, Amazon, Step2UK