Jumanji Board Game


When we think of the word Jumanji, we think of the film which featured the worlds greatest late comedian Robin Williams. You now can take your family on a adventure of your own with this lifelike board game but beware, do not begin unless you intend to finish. A family fun game from the aged 8 and up, gather your family around the fireplace or dinner table for some light hearted family fun that is sure to get every member of your family involved. The jumanji board game set comes with a Game Board, 4 Coloured Pawn Movers, 1 Rhino marker, 1 Sand Timer, 2 Number Dice, 4 Rescue Dice, 33 Danger Cards, 1 Label Sheet and 1 Instructions Booklet. With twists and turns and strategies to downright defeat your opponent, your christmas will be a rowdy yet memorable one.
Available at The Works for £15.00


Elf on the Shelf: Plushee Pals Huggable
Get your children in the christmas spirit with the classic Elf on the Shelf. See your children faces light up with glee as they discover what the Elf has been up to the night before. From spilt drinks on the table to having toilet paper wrapped around the christmas tree, your children will be able to count down the days until Santa visits.  A perfect treat for your nieces and nephews, they will definitely know Santa is coming to town.
Available at for Elf on the Shelf for £14.95


In The Jungle Enchanted Forest Teepee
Take your nieces, nephews and your children on an enchanted journey with this fantastic In The Jungle forest teepee. A teepee with beautiful yet sturdy construction, make your nieces, nephews and children spiritually connect with their spirit animal and be the king and queen of their own jungle. This is a gift which is perfect for not only a christmas present but also perfect for their playrooms and garden parties in the summer.
Available at Rex London for £39.45


Leapfrog LeapStory™

We feature Leapfrog toys every year in our Christmas gift guide as they are such innovative educational tools, the Leapstory is no different. This special gift is aimed at children from 3-8 years old and contains 80 stories, songs and poems, as well as cute phrases.  You can also record their little voices through the microphone or record your own voice reading stories and they can watch the little projector. While the narrator reads the story, they watch Scout’s reactions as images and animations are projected onto the wall or ceiling. Story time can literally be anytime and it does not need to be associated with going to sleep. Reading should always be encouraged to inspire young minds and we love how LeapStory™ does just that. Your child can turn it on at any time to hear the stories. This is a gift that is sure to be a hit and can be used day as well as night.

Available at Smyths Toys for £34.99


Dibor Red Snowman, Santa and Reindeer Stocking

You don’t have to be a child to love these beautiful stockings, not only are they very cute, they are also beautiful quality.  They are sturdy so you can hang them on you fireplace full of gifts for Christmas morning from the loop attached. The cherry red stockings are full of character, they all have a matching red cuff and can be easily be hung from your mantelpiece or a child’s bed. This gift can be a family favourite that you can use for years to come. With different patterns available, each family member can have their own stocking! A gift that will keep giving from year to year!

Available at Dibor for £7.95 each


Dibor Jolly Reindeer Advent Calendar

Dibor have a fantastic range of Advent Calendars which you can pop your own gifts in, excellent for those who don’t want to give their children candy of chocolate every day. These beautiful advent calendars are hand finished and can be used for years, making them excellent value for money too. We fell in love with the Jolly Reindeer, but they have beautiful penguin, snow man and Santa Calendars too! This advent calendar has a satin ribbon to the top of the calendar allowing it be easily hung around the home.

Available at Dibor for £12.00


Electro Dough Story Kit

Using Electro Dough, kids can learn the basics of how electricity works and how to control and channel it by using an already familiar material: play dough. Electro Dough Kits were designed first and foremost for fun, but in the process of playing with colourful doughs, flashing LEDs, and beeping buzzers, a child will learn about the basic properties of electricity and circuitry. This toy will encourage their own little world of imagination that will be brought to life through 3D pop up scenery and a gift they won’t want to put down!

Available at Tech Will Save Us from at £19.99


Animal Park Winding Musical Box

The winding tin toy musical box will take you back to your youth and be a welcome gift for any child. The classic toy comes with different characters, but we just adore the Animal Park version. It has a colourful bear, monkey and a tiger all with musical instruments. Children canjoin  the Animal Park band with this winding tin music box! Children will love turning the handle to hear the classic nursery rhyme Old MacDonald Had A Farm and they can join in by singing too! This lovely toy is suitable for 3 year olds and is great for improving hand-eye coordination. A classic toy and a wonderful gift this Christmas.

Available at Rex London for £6.95


Elf on the Shelf

The Elf on the Shelf is a fantastic way to get your whole family into the Christmas spirit, after you adopt an elf simply wake up every day and magically the elf will be in a different place. Will he be hiding in the Christmas tree, or pulling down the toilet paper in the bathroom or just relaxing on the books, you will have to adopt an elf to see what he gets up to. You can adopt an Elf on The Shelf in a lovely keepsake box, along with a fantastic book. The Elf on the Shelf®: A Christmas Tradition launched in 2005. Fourteen years on, the tradition is celebrated by millions of families.

Available at Elf on the Shelf for £16.99


Robo Alive Baby Shark

You can’t help but get the baby shark song in your head and little one’s across the national love it! Now there is a water activated toy that is the perfect gift for children over three. You simply place the shark and can sing along with your favourite Baby Shark as it plays the famous Baby Shark song. Baby Shark song. The toy comes with a 4-minute power save mode, where it turns itself off after singing the song for 4minutes. Pick it out of the water and drop back in to reset and sing along again! A perfect great value gift!

Available from Smyths Toys at £12.99


Infinifun Walkie Talkie Phone

This is a realistic, pretend smartphone. Your toddler can actually make pretend calls to you from their little phone! A modern version of the walkie talkie we all loved when we were young. The set comes with two phones, so you can play along with your little one and enjoy watching the joy on their face as they talk. This is a fantastic gift as it is also educational as it has a discovery and quiz mode, so the little one can learn about numbers, vehicles, animal colours and sounds. A gift both parents and children will adore.

Available at Argos for £20.00


Stib Jumbos

Stib Jumbos are the perfect stocking gift and have been created especially for little hands! The Stib Inspirational Jumbo Pencils come in a pack of 12 vibrant colours, each of which has a ‘positive’ word embossed on it. These words have all been matched with an animal character, the words include Peace Keeper, Earth Lover, Joy Finder, Big Thinker, Self Believer, World Changer, Story Teller, Problem Solver, Good Listener, Freestyler, Great Leader & Team Player. The pack also contains stickers and a pencil sharpener, so the child can use their imagine as they draw whilst learning positive words, certainly a win win and the perfect gift!

Available from Stib Jumbos for £9.95


John Adams Play Stuff Party Fun – aged 3 +

The 3D play scene is sturdy, non-stick and has two illustrated areas for the dough to be played on. This set is perfect for little fingers, they can cut out circles and shapes with the plastic knife or simply make their own shapes with the coloured dough. This set can help teach colours, co-ordination and shapes. As well as decorating the cakes, they can play noughts and crosses, and the set comes with 3 different coloured doughs. When they have finished playing the box simply folds away, making it easy to store. My 2 year old adores this set, he names the colours, shapes and loves the fact he can create a party on the board.

Available at Ocado for £7.99


Goula Coloured Rings set aged 3 +

The game aims to help children learn number and quantity concepts by placing the different coloured rings on the posts to meet the number along the base. Though aimed at 3 year olds, my two year old adores this set and will play with it for hours. He happily places the rings on the rods and counts them, affectionately calling the rings doghnuts. The numbered squares can be removed and behind them can be seen black dots, another way to count and although my son could already count to ten he enjoyed counting whilst putting on the rings.  This is an excellent learning tool and a toy that can literally provide hours of educational fun.

Available at Amazon for £30.13


John Adams Colour Amazing aged 6+

ColourMazing is the new, innovative and exciting way to colour in! Spread the ink, blend the colours seamlessly together and watch as the ink magically stops at the lines to create colourful jungle scenes.  ColourMazing is a great way to keep children entertained while travelling or at home as a fun rainy-day activity.  Includes four craft activities to decorate and make, as well as four magic ink pens. Although this magical colour set is aimed at 6 years old’s, my 2 year old loves using it. The set comes with 4 designs and 6 ink pens which magically stop at the ends, so you can expect a perfect picture every time. The ink is completely washable and you can turn the animals into 3D or puppets! I must admit I loved drawing with this toy too!

Available at Amazon for £9.99



Leapfrog Scrub and Play Sink


This magical play sink is made for children over 2 and my 3 year old played with it for hours! Little boys and girls love playing with mini kitchen’s and this Leapfrog Scrub and Play Sink is fantastically interactive. The tap lights up hot and cold when you turn it left or right. The soap dispenser counts from 1-10 as you press it, which is a great leaning tool for your little one. The sink sings along with you too, encouraging it to be used. There are also two little cups which can create hours of fun, as they bring you pretend tea and three dishes and a scrub brush with turning head. This fun little toy is big enough to play with, but not too big to take up too much room. This is a great value for money gift, that you know will be used again and again.

Available at Mothercare for £34.99