MUSIC – South London’s music lover Ian Wills inspires thousands with cancer fight through lockdown

We’ve all heard it said that no-one knows what’s around the corner – and with the country coming out of lockdown, that saying has never been truer for singer Ian Wills.

Having been diagnosed with prostate cancer in December 2018, while most people would be ready to give up – Ian was spurred into action.

Writing more music than ever, his single release ‘Iceberg’ from the album ‘London Country’ is out now, reflecting exactly the space Ian finds himself in in life.

‘I’ve lost a lot of family who I loved with all my heart and now, I try to start every day with an act of kindness,’ Ian says.

‘I’m fighting what’s going on with my health and was due to start radiotherapy before quarantine started. Even though I am immune suppressed, music has proved to be my therapy – for however long it can be.’

‘A few weeks ago, I woke up in the night and wrote a song called, “You ain’t bigger than me” about my cancer. There’s no doubt that the music gets me through.’

With a colourful life including front page headline’s in the 1980s, South London-born Ian’s first album ‘Curbside’ was featured by DJ star Janice Long in 2005.

Since then, he’d got from strength to strength with the other albums, ‘Heroes and Villains’ and ‘Dream in Colour’. He’s worked with the likes of the Style Council and many other huge bands of the time too.

And bringing things up to date, his current single Iceberg is already being played on top radio stations in Nashville as a popularly climbing hit with its classic country and western feel.

‘Like my lyrics suggest, I feel like I’m an iceberg floating towards the sun. But my work will go on and I’ll never give up doing what I was born to do.’