LIFESTYLE – Give my number out to a guy? I’ve got 1000 of them!

Global Millionaire matchmaker Lisa Palmer is no stranger to a bit of flirting and exchanging numbers.

She’s cool, calm and sophisticated – and as far as prospective suitors are concerned, could be anywhere in the world and often is – thanks to a very novel device on her phone.

But what people don’t realise is that she has 1000 different numbers for people to call, but only one mobile phone they are all connected to.

Doesn’t sound plausible, but it is. Because of a company called ConXHub.

‘As long as the number is available, ConXHub lets me select any number from 1000 on my phone to call on, or receive calls on. It can be a line that’s from San Francisco, Hong Kong, anywhere in the world and really proves that I run a global business looking after thousands of clients.

It really keeps guys on their toes.

ConXHub is the only system of its kind. There’s never any scammers and each number is verified before use.

Mark from ConXhub says, ‘With ConXhub you can lose the second mobile or make calls as though you are calling from anywhere in the world. ConXhub is unlike any other telecom service, transforming business and the lives of employees with stress free, ultra-mobile communications.’

And Lisa admits that she couldn’t run her business without it.

‘Without a doubt, it’s the most vital service to run my business. I could be meeting someone is Starbucks at the end of my road but look like I’m calling from my busy meeting in New York office and sometimes that is important to me.’

‘I’m a busy entrepreneur running a fast-growing company – who wants one number when you can have, well – a thousand!’

More details about Conxhub available at