Enter the restaurant Eight4Nine, located in the heart of sunny Palm Springs, California and indulge yourself in the style of Beverly Hills dining darling! It’s definitely the hottest ‘outdoor’ dining restaurant in town. The silver lining to Coronavirus is discovering Eight4Nine restaurant. I just wish I lived in Palm Springs instead of only visiting. 

The owners have outdone themselves on every level.

If 11 months of take-out food has got tiring, then head immediately to Eight4Nine. Dining here feels like a real ‘treat’ to lift your Covid spirits and beat the Covid blues. 

As you walk up, the very large, stunningly designed outdoor dining area welcomes you. 

The layout is very cleverly designed. When walking to the host stand, you are introduced to the striking black and white bar which is skillfully and beautifully lit, creating a very realistic ‘ice’ bar the entire length of the room.

The attention to detail in the interior design is just outstanding, and you would rather believe you were in a spectacular, five star hotel.

The several, private, indoor dining rooms also have an arresting and contrasting black and white color scheme with perfectly placed splashes of vibrant color. I can’t wait to dine inside once Coronavirus has disappeared, as I feel as if it would certainly be ‘an experience’. 

The outdoor dining is definitely an experience! There are 30 foot black and white golden oldie movies projected onto a wall,

20 foot trees growing amongst the tables, and a 30 foot long wall of fire.

Don’t worry about staying “Covid careful”, as there are sanitizing stations at each entrance and at the hostess desk. The tables and chairs are sanitized after each guest and tables are very spaciously placed. 

You are always toasty warm as there are plenty of heat lamps in the huge outdoor dining patio for you and your puppy (yes dog friendly!). Also, guaranteed to stay warm is your food. I’m a stickler for leisurely dining, so the warmed plates were a God send. This the type of attention to detail that takes Eight4Nine to another level.

The lively music gives enough character to enjoy, without being overbearing.

You will definitely be taking your time dining here when you start tasting the food. 

The appetizers were a light lemon-infused salad where the splashes of vibrant colors from the walls, made it to the the plate giving the salad a pop of color in the form of edible rose petals. How inventive! The chowder drizzled with herbed olive oil enhanced the perfect combination of cream, crab and corn. 

Then to my favorite … the all-natural filet. Cooked to perfection! The delicate, red wine, porcini mushroom reduction was a delight to my tastebuds. The difference in textures of the velvet filet, the buttery green beans and the crispy fried onion wisps wasn’t missed.

The creatively, deconstructed “poke plate” elevated and contrasted to the tradition ‘bowl’, allowing you to easily choose which delight you wanted to taste first. 

You know when you get to the end of the meal and you ‘couldn’t possibly’ find space for desert? Well sit back, unbuckle your belt and order up their Coachella lime pie …

and the huge German-kuchen-size flourless chocolate torte. It’s the best you’ll ever have. I say no more apart from one of the owners is a pastry chef! 

What can I say about the cocktails? Try them! Try as many as you can! Just simply delish and they have cute names like Gin-eration, Indigo-Jito, Some Like It Hot and Mid Century, appreciating Eight4Nines’s Palm Springs history.