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I am a new CBD devotee (thank you, pandemic). I get excited about trying new ways how to include cannabidiol into my life. I like enhancing my sleep with a dash of CBD goodness. I have already tried the classic oral drops, but Lady A Daily Fix Capsules take it up a notch. These precious green gems brighten up my days and this is why:

At 25mg of CBD Broad Spectrum Hemp Extract in each capsule, they offer a gradual release throughout the day. This is the perfect blend of matcha green tea (a lovely caffeine boost for clarity and focus without the jitters) and rosehip oil (great anti-inflammatory hero). The soft gelatine shell makes them easy to swallow and are suitable for a gluten free lifestyle.

These bouncy capsules mean business yet deliver a smooth gradual lift off for a successful day.

Lady A Daily Fix Capsules £55

Lady A range has another treat up their sleeve with the CBD Patches. Thanks to fibromyalgia and being hunched over my laptop, I get neck and back pains.

The packet contains 4 stick on patches (they look like square plasters). This is an easy way to absorb CBD into the body. I put mine onto my left shoulder blade where I feel the most tension. I also tried it via inner wrist application. They both work really well for me as the body heat gradually releases 10mg of CBD over the 24 hours, offering comfort.

The patches are best applied on dry skin (I do this after my shower) as they are not waterproof. My sensitive skin didn’t rebel (no rash or redness) so I can report complete satisfaction on all counts.

This topical method is effective yet gentle and is a great way of introducing CBD into your life without ingesting oral drops or inhaling through a vape.

Each packet contains 4 pieces at £15.

Lady A Daily Relief Patches – online exclusive

My insatiable appetite for CBD is no secret anymore so I treated myself to my very first vape for my birthday. The limited edition is Amphora Chrome Vista Pen and paired it with a 3ml vape oil cartridge in Peace (20% CBD distillate blended with plant sourced terpenes). The formula is nicotine, THC and pesticide-free.

 It is an elegant, sleek silver gadget that elevates vaping. It combines high performance with simplistic yet luxe flair.

My vape delivers sweet woody flavour with a hint of grapefruit with a perfect harmony of calming CBD. I have tested it for sleep aid as well as relaxing during the day. It is easy to use, looks chic and adds cool points indeed. Small enough to fit in my coat pocket but mighty.

I have recently moved to the coast and left London behind. My vape and I enjoy watching the sea; Amphora vape is my perfect wellness companion.

Amphora Vista Vape Pen £59

The sales of eye make up have gone up during the pandemic. It is no surprise since we can only see people’s eyes under the masks. I have stopped wearing foundation and mascara has became my daily staple instead.

I was looking for a natural effect and have found it in Dr. Hauschka Defining Mascara.

 The wand is thin which allows precise coating from root to tip. Just one coat provides delicate lash separation, Bambi flutter style, and makes it incredibly easy to use on my lower lash line.

I have been using this stunning mascara for several weeks and there has been zero clumping or eye irritation. My lashes feel supple and shiny. Each application is like a pampering session. And I love the rose like scent too.

The formulation combines mineral pigments with nourishing beeswax.

This Defining Mascara delivers stunning effects and makes my eyes look more awake.

Dr. Hauschka Defining Mascara in action

Dr. Hauschka Defining Mascara £19

My love affair with CBD continues with my new companion from Spain, NUUYU Body Rescue Lotion. The tension in my muscles calms down when I rub in this delicately scented creamy treat. This would make a fabulous after workout aid. The formula absorbs fast, leaving my skin supple and pampered. Aloe Vera, Camomile and Calendula make the perfect marriage with 400mg of CBD. The hydration is supreme thanks to essential fatty acids and omega 3. I also like the handy pump dispenser.

The lotion is hydrating yet it absorbs fully, leaving skin silky touchable soft. I like this so much!

 My favourite part is how much easier falling asleep is after using this lotion. My neck usually aches after a long day spent at my computer, but Body Rescue Lotion is like a masseur in a bottle. It also comes to the rescue during my period. I rub this lovely lotion on my lower stomach for soothing comfort.

My wellness routine has just been elevated. Get yours here:

NUUYU Body Rescue Lotion

Lockdowns have forced us to be our own manicurists. To stop ruining my carpet and furniture, I invested into a clever Nailpad which came with a scorching hot Essie colour in the shade Thigh High. Win win.

It is a handy, portable surface that holds your hand steady while you paint perfect nails. There is a nail polish pot holder that helps avoid spills by keeping your bottle secure. The bottle holder fits pretty much all bottle sizes and types. There is a handy pull out leg to put between your knees in order to keep the Nailpad steady. 

It’s the perfect accessory for a home manicure and pedicure.

Nailpad in pink or black with a nail polish of your choice £12.95

Eyelash flutter and nails are on point, mixed with a little help from CBD, and we are feeling very happy at Heart London Magazine!

By Petra Bryant for Heart London Magazine @petrabryant