LIFESTYLE – The World’s First International Black Heritage + History Month launches this June 

With a digital media platform, 2021 focuses on Africa, the continent, European Colonisation, Black Royalty, and much more.

Black history is different in different parts of the world. Black Heritage is universal. Black heritage and the diversity of cultures within it have made significant contributions to the world we live in, buildings, inventions, music, fashion, art, media, sports, trends, and much more around the globe.  With so many people from the Afro Diaspora spread worldwide, it’s essential they are acknowledged, feel included, seen, and heard. The new creation and platform of International Black Heritage + History Month allow for inclusivity and diversity to be honored and celebrated.

Connect cultural bridges and healing.Black History Month happens in the U.S. in February, Panama in May, and the U.K. in October. Some other countries also observe the month or have observation days, but these happen at different times during the year. And some countries have nothing. International Black Heritage + History Month changes this, and the digital platform allows everyone to engage. People, organisations, and companies around the world now have a new universal cultural Social Impact month. Reinvented, that allows for broadening the narratives that exist, bring a collective understanding, and an awareness and appreciation for the diversity of people with Black Heritage. 

The platform has curated a selection of recommended Films, Factual Content, Music, podcasts, articles, and other media from around the world. Plus, there’s a curated Calendar, wellness section, Culture Lab, and virtual photography exhibition titled ‘Mixed Voices.’‘Official’ original programming will also take place on Juneteenth (June 19th), and ‘Windrush day’ (June 22nd) with Black, British, Portuguese writer and Journalist David Matthews on his book Voices of the Windrush Generation.

Bruce Reynolds of ‘Be the Change Associates: Productions’, a former BBC Journalist and producer created International Black Heritage + History Month to provide a new and fresh approach to Social Impact communications, engagement, and storytelling. With a platform that reinvents how Social Impact causes are observed and celebrated, virtually and in-person when possible.

Visit the platform to learn more: