Takes your senses on a journey with these breath-taking candles below. Designed to help you lay back and relax, these candles are suitable for any location and every situation! Here are our fabulous fantastic four selections below!

La Di Da Scented Candle Salt Salt & Spray

Make your home smell fabulous with this luminous Sea Salt and Spray candle hand-made with 100% organic plant wax exclusively by La Di Da Interiors. The Sea Salt and Spray candle offers a natural fragrances which reminds you of a day at the beach, something we are sure we are all doing especially with this beautiful weather we are experiencing. The Sea Salt reminds you of the sounds of the waves crashing against the shores and the sky blue blanket that covers the sky and is a home to the shining sun. It reminds us all of a time where we didn’t have a care in the world and we just…lived. Available in either full candle size (approximately 60 hours burn time) or votive (approximately 30 hours burn time) these are packaged in recycled brown card boxes. These are a wonderful way to scent your home, make a fabulous gift for dinner parties or also a new home. 

Available at La Di Da for £15.00

Bergamot and Geranium 35cl Candle

A fresh combination of citrus bergamot mixed with the welcoming comfort of geranium, this stunning Bergamot and Geranium Candle takes your mind and senses are taken on a sweet adventure. Sweet and subtle like the scent of white roses, this home fragrance is the epitome of peace, making it a perfect way for keeping you motivated and energised throughout the day with its mood-boosting properties, whether you are working from home or dealing with errands around the house. It’s light enough to be used in any space within the home and a great housewarming gift for anyone who has just purchased a new house. Treat yourself or someone you like to this 35 hour burning scented candle and make your home the place to be.

Available at Arran for £33.00

No Secrets Natural Soy Votive Candle

If you are a candle lover and prefer candles that are 100% natural, handmade, made from soy wax and mixes a variety of blends to creative a calming, sensual oils, No Secrets Natural Soy Votive Candles are the candle to watch out for. Offering a variety of subtle yet significant aromas such as geranium, ylang ylang, neroli, lavender and patchouli, these candles are perfect for you anytime you want to de-stress, light up your evening or simply cater to the calm before the storm. With a minimum burn time of 6 hours for each votive, its playful scent still stays in the room hours after the candle has finished. Suitable for vegans, this is a superb gift for anyone who is a fan of candles and is passionate about welcoming people into your aroma heaven!

Available at No Secrets Beauty for £15.00

Thierry Mugler Aura Scented Candle

Delve into the primal essences of nature and life with the Thierry Mugler Aura Scented Candle. A candle produced by the powerhouse which is of course Thierry Mugler, its pleasing harmonic blend of woody-aromatic notes of sweet fruits, green woods with vanilla, and sandalwood makes your house smell absolutely exquisite. Offering 40 hours candle burn time, lose yourself in this scent of excellence and make everyone around fall in love with this candle.

Available at Perfume Direct for £32.99