Walker’s Fiddich Gift Box is truly a treat! The gift box contains many snacks that any man or woman would be happy to indulge in. With it’s package including 240g Tin Assorted Shortbread, 175g Ctn Chocolate Chip Shortbread, 150g Ctn Shortbread Fingers, 150g Ctn Shortbread Triangles, 300g Ctn Thick & Crunchy Oatcakes, 150g Ctn Ginger Royals, 150g Ctn Extremely Chocolatey Cookies and the 400g Ctn Glenfiddich Whisky Cake, you will be battling on deciding which snack to eat first! You are honestly spoilt for choice and it offers a variety. Whether you are a shortbread lover, a ginger cake lover or a whisky cake is more up your street, there is truly something for everyone in this genius of a gift box. Perfect for picnics, snacks for your work break or you have late night craving, Walker’s Fiddich Gift Box has at least one thing to treat your snack cravings! 

Available at Walkers ShortBread for £30.00