LIFESTYLE – The perfect summer drink – sugar free mocktails by Remedy

Remedy have created a wide range of tasty mocktails, that are low calorie, taste great and also are sugar free! If you fancy a cocktail you can always pop in a little vodka or gin.

The Remedy recipes include low-calorie, live-cultured versions of hit cocktails including the Cherry Kombucha Margarita, Apple Crisp Mojito, Blood Orange Negroni and Skinny Colada, which have been cleverly reimagined with Remedy’s incredible-tasting range of Kombucha, Switchel and Coconut Water Kefir.

These fizzy drinks are refreshing and delicious especially when chilled. A typical Piña Colada can contain a whopping to 650 calories, instead of denying yourself replace it with a Remedy Skinny Colada which is only 164 calories. Even if you had a little alcohol if you stick to vodka or gin it’s still only 228 calories. What is not to love?

Our favourites from the range are Cherry Plum which is light and tasty, the classic Kombucha (which they are well known for) and you can imagine yourself of a Caribbean sea as you sip the Coconut Water Kefir Pure.

If you fancy a cocktail, try some of these luscious drinks that are low in calories so can enjoy a drink guilt free!

REMEDY APPLE MOJITO2 (add the sweet and sour flavours of apple to a zesty Mojito!)

Typical Calories: 245 | Remedy Calories: 165

Ingredients: 25ml White Rum, 125ml Remedy Kombucha Apple Crisp, 3 x Lime Wedges, Fresh Mint (to garnish), Ice.
Directions: Pour Rum into a glass with ice and top with Remedy Kombucha. Garnish with lime wedges and mint.

REMEDY BLOOD ORANGE NEGRONI (infuse your Negroni with vibrant blood orange flavours!)

Typical Calories: 195 | Remedy Calories: 142

Ingredients: 25ml Gin, 25ml Campari, 150ml Remedy Switchel Blood Orange, Orange Rind (to garnish).
Directions: Pour spirits into a glass with ice. Top with Remedy Switchel and garnish with orange rind.

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