MUSIC – Meet Rob Wheeler

Paul McCartney, The Pretenders, U2 and Sheryl Crow… all legends of course, but what do they all have in common?

The wealth of musical talent that helped these legends record some of their most iconic work; have now brought their talents to the songs of the unique and hugely talented Rob Wheeler.

It’s clear that Rob can’t be labelled – his soft rock style crosses genres like pop and alternative music, as well as folk and country. But what really makes Rob one of the stand-out musicians of the decade so far is the quintessential quality of his perfectly crafted lyrics.

And the fact that Rob has grafted to get this far, recognised by names such as the Daily Telegraph, Talk Radio, the BBC and GB News alike – just proves that this Beatle-Maniac is a story-teller like no other.

From the age of just four, Rob knew he was going to be a song writer. Blessed with a loving and supportive mum, Julie – who was still just a teenager when she had him – Rob’s talent was cultivated by watching his grandad and uncles performing on the live music scene while he was growing up.

No-one could talk him out of pursuing music as a career, however uncertain the road was predicted to be.

Now after getting engaged to his school-days sweetheart Rebecca, he’s fought his way through the tough times of the pandemic on his work – and come out the other side fighting fit.

His new album Ten Embers, reviewed and commended by revered music journalist Paul Sexton – is set to soar. And he’s ready to take the stage once more on live shows.

Have no doubt that soon it will be Rob who is the legend being name-dropped. For more, visit: