These four perfumes are Heart London Magazine’s top choices for choosing and finding your perfect summer scent. They all are not too heavy on the nose, just right and suitable to wear for any occasion and any day!

Pretty Woman Eau De Parfum – Aoura London

If you are looking for an Eau de Parfum which is quite light, refreshing, mysterious and has a powerful yet subtle long lasting scent, Pretty Woman by Aoura London stands as a strong contender for this. With another heatwave due to arrive in a few weeks, we all want to make sure have a perfume that isn’t too strong on the nose. Pretty Woman is the epitome of ‘A perfume that makes a statement without you even realizing that it is there’. It is such a beautiful, delicate, feminine fragrance is perfect for everyday wear. It’s delicate scent of bergamot and pear compliment the aromas beautiful rose petals and refreshing rose water. This fragrance also introduces creamy sweet vanilla notes with a hint of musk and patchouli. This Eau de Parfum is perfect to compliment you whatever the weather and the occasion, you cannot go wrong with this.

Available at Boots for £15.99

Bespoke London Woman Eau De Parfum

Treat yourself or someone you love wake up to the sensual aromas of a tropical, fruity and floral heaven. Bespoke Women Bergamot & Rose Musk Eau De Parfum truly is MAGIC in a bottle.  The Eau De Parfum opens up with the crisp, clean notes of bergamot, pear and blackcurrant which is heightened with a modern rose scent. The rose scent is complemented with an underlying hit of jasmine, rose and vanilla notes which is rounded off by the notes of white musk and tonka bean. Perfect for going out or helping you to unwind after a long day, this eau de parfum is truly a delight.

Available at Superdrug for £4.08

Miller Harris Scherzo Eau de Parfum

Vibrant. Stimulating. Exhilarant. Life. The top four words that will come into your mind the moment you have the pleasure of connecting and letting your nosebuds indulge this intoxicating brilliant Scherzo Eau De Parfum by Miller & Harris. Scherzo is full of colour and that is evident by the package of the perfume bottle. Different colours sit pretty on the front of the package, as if Picasso himself splurge the colours as they all work well together and stand out.  Scherzo opens up with hues of blood orange tangerine, bright purple davanna and golden olibanum resin which is then followed by the aromas of white hues of narcissus flower and pittosporum. The scents of dark red roses like love blooming mingle with rich patchouli, vanilla and Oudh wood, sprinkled with a confectioner’s window of sweet maltol to reflect a rainbow illusion, an intoxicating rush for the senses. This perfume is truly magnificent and one of kind. There isn’t another like this.

Available at Miller & Harris for £150.00

Alien Eau De Toilette by Thierry Mugler

Alien Eau de Toilette by Fashion Icon Thierry Mugler is an Amber Woody fragrance for women which is like no other, irresistibly appealing and a fragrance that truly leaves you in a trance. Alien captures the epitome of femininity. The incredible notes which includes Mandarin Essence, Moroccan Jasmine, White amber and cashmeran wood awakens all of your senses and emotions, making you go on a trip out of this world. A distinctive perfume like no other, it is a perfect gift for any woman in your life.

Available at The Perfume Shop for £60