LONDON BARS – You can trust Barcardi to design your night!

Finding the right bar for you in London’s busy West End isn’t easy, do you like a classy joint, a relaxed bar or something completely different. Barcardi have come out with an innovative chart which helps match your personality with some bars and I have to say they were spot on! I am the Mix a Lot and they matched me with Swift Soho.

Who they are  Home is where the slay is! This tribe prefers to have the dance floor or garden festival for just their closest crew, enough space tomove and groove whilst spitting bars on a toothbrush and sipping on a cocktail delivered to their door. They keep us waiting for their next appearance. And they’ve mastered theFrench Exit. The zen master. Despite destruction all around, this tribe maintains balance, calm, poise and creativity. They are the glue that holds their loved ones together. Once the ‘night out’ character, they now host with the most. A chameleon – multiple transformations and a new re-emergence has made this tribe who they are now.The life and soul. Traveling from venue tovenue, crowd to crowd, making new friends and taking the party with them wherever they go. This tribe knows when it’s time to dress up and get dancing! One life, one chance, one full throttle experience waiting tohappen.
What they’re drinking Classic drinks, such as a Negroni, Daiquiri, Espresso Martini or a simple summer SpritzLonger cocktails – with a twist! Such as a classic Mojito with grilled pineapple or a Gin and tonic with basil and lemon Richer and darker spirits like spiced rum Old Fashioned twists, and cloudy and frothy cocktails like a sub-zero Espresso Martini 
What they’re wearingComfort is king, so athleisure, natch!Seasonal summer wear and festival threadsAll about dressing to impress and reinventing the latest trends
Where they’re spottedIn the garden or a parkOutdoor roof terracesAnywhere and everywhere
Currently on rotationClassic albums, classic anthemsChart toppersNew, new, new music

Swift Soho is a classy bar with delicious a fantastic range of Barcardi cocktails right in the centre of Soho! This stunning bar is on two levels, with an outside patio or a sultry downstair bar perfect to suit your mood.  The lighting downstairs is low and sexy whilst the atmosphere is buzzing. They boast a great selection of cocktails with an original twist and the service is amazing. We plumped for the Red Studio which is clean, fruity and refreshing. The absolute vodka, strawberry, English tea and more is a pure delight.

The Evita is another delicious cocktail with belvedere vodka, almond, and prosecco.  Every drink is well presented and if you are stuck on what to choose just ask the friendly staff. The crowd as this upmarket cocktails bar are on the posh side of hipster making this lovely bar perfect for a date or a girls night out!

Swift Soho, 12 Old Compton St, London W1D 4TQ