LIFESTYLE – The JLAB AUDIO Go Air Earbuds are small but mighty

JLAB AUDIO Go Air Earbuds might be little on price and little in size, but they sure are mighty! As the name implies, these true wireless earphones are for listeners constantly on the go. A touch-capacitive pane on each bud is easy to operate and allows users to control virtually anything without removing their phones. 

Each earbud has an angled nozzle protruding from it. Available in white, khaki green, black, and navy blue, the JLab Go Air True Wireless Earbuds sport a functional design that’s very similar to that of the JBuds Air. Like those buds, the Go Airs snap magnetically into their charging case.

Listening to music should be simple and it is! You can manage calls, playback, volume, EQ activation, and digital assistance at the tip of your finger. On-ear detection for auto-pause/play didn’t make the cut. The GO Air Wireless Bluetooth Earbuds switch on and connect as soon as you take them out their charging case.  Big, boomy bass makes them a joy to work out with, and the included silicone eartips seal the outside world out well. You get a solid 8 hours play too, these are fantastic earbuds for only 20 quid!

These are fantastic earbuds for only 20 quid!

Available at Curry’s for £19.99