LONDON HOTELS – Enjoy a stylish stay at The Corner London City Hotel, the greenest hotel in London

Being at the forefront of green hotels, The Corner London City Hotel have thought of everything from organic products and beautiful plants in your hotel room to a glass crusher to reduce their carbon footprint. The proprietors and manager of this hotel not only care about you they care about the environment too. 

This East London hotel is on the footsteps of the City of London and at the heart of what is London’s most lively square mile with some of the city’s best street food, art galleries, boutiques, creative businesses, and nightlife, all glued together with local people who make it more than just a tourist spot.

Each room is unique, with a large print above your bed (ours was a cute dog with glasses) and plenty of green plants which give a home from home feel. Each stylish rooms boasts recycled furniture and a stuffed cute dog to use as your do not disturb sign. If you are staying more than one night you can opt for the room not to be touched the second day and receive a 5 pounds credit. This is all part of the hotels ethos to reduce their carbon footprint. 

The beds are comfortable, and the TV is connected to the base, perfect for cuddles or lazy mornings. There are also plenty of plugs available to charge your electronics and even a European plug for foreign visitors. There are plenty of lighting options in your bedroom and you will fall in love with the water saving rain shower as well as the full-size organic bath products. Whilst the vibrant colours and funky lights give the rooms an eclectic cool feel you can also enjoy a lovely sleep with the blackout curtains, followed by a buffet style breakfast.  

The restaurant is modern with low level lighting and pop art adorning the walls. The lamps are decorated with modern decor and there is plenty of comfortable seating available. The colours are warm, once again giving a home from home feel whilst uplifting music plays in the background. The stylish bar is open until 11 and the staff are friendly. If you fancy staying in at the hotel you can play the games or read the books provided. The downstairs toilets are eye catching with bicycles under the sinks and a bicycle basket for waste. 

The food is tasty and well presented. If you get a chance, try the vegan burger as it’s to die for! It’s topped with vegan cheese, fresh lettuce, and plump tomatoes. Meat eaters would be fooled with the tasty burger. 

Whether you are an eco-warrior or just want to stay in a comfortable stylish hotel, we can’t recommend The Corner London City Hotel enough. If you fancy a night out there are also plenty of bars within walking distance. 

Heart London 5 Star Rating

Décor 5

Facilities 5

Service 5

Atmosphere 5

Bathroom 5

Food 4

London Corner City Hotel

Address: 42 Adler St, London E1 1EE

Phone020 3021 3300

Cat, Heart London Magazine