Barbour (For Him)

Barbour Perfume have created an innovate “For Him” and “For Her” fragrance set, which gives you the excuse to buy perfume for yourself and your man! The green bottles are sizeable at 100ML so you know they will last a long time, a lighter green for her and a darker green for him. The timeless fragrances are also divine, and they are only available at the Fragrance Shop. The For Her scent is an homage to the British meadows, crafted from a jasmine and tuberose floral heart, a perfume with a refreshing sense of calm energy. Not only do they smell delightful, but they are also excellent value at only £58.50! The For him scent is a nod to Barbour’s Scottish heritage (which is also displayed with a touch of tartan on the gold and green box, as well as around the bottle itself). His fragrance contains a blend of woody notes of cedar, guaiac wood and vetiver, mixed with amber and musk. You can guarantee a happy face to the receiver this Valentine’s.

Available from The Fragrance Shop for £58.50

Diesel, Sound of the Brave gift set from Debenhams

Diesel have created the perfect gift box for men and a wonderful Valentine’s gift for any man in your life. The gift box contains Diesel’s name comes from their collaboration with Skepta. The box is designed to look like a metal box and inside the gift set is a blue fist shaped bottle of Diesel Eau de Toilette 50ml and complimentary shower gel. Not only will this smell divine on any man, its excellent value for money at only £33.00 for the whole set! BRAVE is the new Only the Brave fragrance by Diesel that invites you to share your sound.. The fragrance opens with a strong vibration of spices, with a heart of bison grass added to the mix. A sensual base of ambery wood and musk brings the winning bassline to this powerful composition. 

Available from Debenhams for £33.00

ESPA Connection Pillow Mist

This sensual pillow mist and fragrance smells divine, you can use it on your body, on your pillow or in the air. This stunning sent is an aromatherapy mist that has been created to help create greater closeness and intimacy. You can gently mist your surroundings breathing slowly and deeply to allow the blend of Ylang Ylang, Patchouli, Sandalwood and Jasmine to promote a sense of closeness, intimacy and wellbeing. The box and bottle have been designed with elegance in mind making this a great gift. Harnessing the power of 8 natural essential oils, each renowned for their aphrodisiac properties, as the precious fragrance is released into the air let the sensual woody aromatic in our Signature Blends Connection Pillow Mist be your cue to switch off from daily distractions and signal a moment where you can focus energy on yourself or nurture a deeper connection with your partner. Perfect for the month of romance.

Available at ESPA for £25.00

Paddy and Scott’s Date Night Coffee Case

After the drinks flow on your cosy date night, you may want to enjoy a beautiful cup of coffee, with this in mind Paddy and Scott’s have created a date night coffee case.  The coffee lays in a beautiful black box with an elegant coffee cup embossed on the top. Inside you will find a selection of 4 of Paddy and Scott’s ground coffees, the Jerry Can Kenyan Coffee, Easy Days smooth coffee, Chit Chat which is smooth, chocolately, with caramel flavours and Wakey Wakey morning kick starter. The set also includes a Aeropress Go (A quick, reliable way to get a quality cup of coffee). This is a perfect gift for any coffee lover, whether you enjoy a coffee together on a date night or together the morning after there really is a coffee for everyone in this wonderful gift set.

Available from Paddy and Scott’s for £64.99

Jack Black Double Duty Face Moisturiser

We are big fans of Jack Black Men’s products here at Heart London Magazine and they always make fantastic gifts at any time of the year.  It’s lightweight and emollient texture provides long lasting hydration and three years on, keeping your man’s skin in the very best shape. The ingredients in Jack Black’s Double Duty Face Moisturiser that really stand out including the Blue Algae Extract, which improves skin suppleness and reduces inflammation being the holy grail component in this godsend. Vitamins A and E are also present, which most of us know have huge antioxidant power and support your skin’s natural defences against environmental pollutants. Give the gift of beautiful skin this Valentine’s.

Available from Jack Black for £29.00

Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser

Jack Black Deep Dive Glycolic Facial Cleanser is a fantastic product and whilst it has been created for men, many women are fans too! It can clear up skin and remove blemishes, leaving skin clean and fresh. Thismultifunctional, clay-based cleanser that washes away dead skin cells, pore-clogging oil, and build-up, leaving skin fresher, smoother, firmer. For deep down cleaning, this 2-in-1 cleanser can also be used as a purifying mask when left to dry on the skin. It is recommended for normal, combination and oily skin. A lovely gift that you can use too!

Available from Jack Black for £20.00

Organic Works Bergamot Hand and Body Lotion

The Organic Works Bergamot Hand and Body Lotion not only smells divine, but as soon as it touches your skin you can feel it sinking in and softening. This can be used for men or women and is sure to invigorate your skin. It is enriched with sweet orange and bergamot oils. This wonderful product will Nourish and hydrate with bergamot essential oil and shea butter to leave skin beautifully skin soft and revitalised.  It is also cruelty free and 98% of the product is made from natural ingredients. This lovely gift is also excellent value at only £14.00 and a little goes a very long way! What is not to love! 

Available from the Organic Works Store for £14.00

JJ Whitley Artisan Gold Russian Vodka and JJ Whitley Artisan Russian Vodka Blue Raspberry Vodka

We are big fans of Vodka here at Heart London Magazine! Not only do these vodka’s come in embossed beautiful bottles but the vodka tastes divine too! The beautiful gold coloured bottle of the JJ Whitley Artisan Gold Russian isn’t just for art, the vodka itself is filtered several times through gold thread and uses high-quality winter wheat for a delicious silky finish. This delicious award winning vodka is only £17.00 too, amazing for a quality vodka in a stylish bottle. If you fancy some flavour then we recommend the JJ Whitley Artisan Russian Vodka Blue Raspberry Vodka, this drink married well with lemonade, sparking water or you can enjoy it on the rocks too! You can taste the raspberry from the first sip and are going to want to go back for more. A great present and the perfect Valentine’s Day tipple!

Available from JJ Whitley for £20.00

Cheesegeek Ultimate Cheese and Fine Wine Pairing Selection

Not only is this pairing selection the perfect gift for wine and cheese lovers, it is also a special treat for your Valentine’s date especially if you plan on staying home for a cosy night.  The cheeses and wines have been paired for you, so you can enjoy this delectable food straight out of the cooled delivery box. Each wine also has a cleverly designed QR code, so you can scan a bottle with your smartphone camera to find out more about each bottle. The bottles themselves are also stunning, they have been designed as tall tubes. You can have fun with your partner trying each pairing and noting your favourites in the booklet they have provided. We especially loved the Somerset Rachel cheese which is smooth, buttery and nutty with a slight goaty tang.  This is paired with the Chateau D’Haurets, which is our favourite a Sauvignon blanc with a touch of Muscadelle. The Oxford Ashcombe shares gentle milky flavours with a slightly smoky finish and this is paired with a Riesling. Another frontrunning combination for us is the Nottinghamshire Stichelton, which is a dense and creamy blue stilton-style with nutty tones and a smooth finish, this is paired with the delightful Cahors (which is a Malbec, with a touch of Merlot and Tannat.  

It’s nice to enjoy the night and the delicacies with all the work being done for you, you simply pair and taste! The set has 8 different pairing selections, so you can guarantee you will find plenty to suit your taste! They have also created a carefully curated Cheesegeek playlist with a code you can scan in the Spotify app! The Cheesegeek Ultimate Cheese and Fine Wine Pairing Selection will certainly impress whomever you share it with and have you coming back for more.

Available from Cheesegeek for £100

Moi + Me Massage Candle

We adore this innovative product which is massage oil and a candle in one! It is made with jasmine, sandalwood and blended with lavender, when melted this sensual massage candle unites you and your partner by transforming into a nourishing body CBD oil. It smells divine and when you blow out the flame and pour the fragrant, warm CBD oil onto the skin for a relaxing Valentine’s Day massage. The oil sinks into your skin as the warm aroma fills the air and your partner enjoys the warm liquid being massaged into their skin!  A beautiful candle with a unique twist, it is perfect for both a massage with your partner, or as a nourishing body oil to apply yourself. You can also light this candle and set the tone for a romantic Valentine’s day night!

Available from Moi + Me for £45.00

Lola’s Valentine’s Be Mine Brownies 

We are hugs fans of Lola’s here at Heart London Magazine, they are a brand that you can guarantee arrive perfect every single time and they make excellent gifts! The Valentines’ Brownies can be delivered straight to your loved one’s door and they are decorated in pretty colours, with hearts and lips adorning them. The brownies are delicious, with a rich and velvety chocolate base, topped with topped with sugar hearts, lips and pearls. The box is pretty too and the chocolate is Belgian, once again Lola’s delivers with the perfect present and tantalising Brownies. They deliver Nationwide and this lovely gift is only £16.00! You can also but picture brownies, which you can cover with photos of you and your loved one.

Available from Lola’s Cupcakes for £16.00