EARLY EDUCATION – After using Early Maths 101 to Go – Number and Measurements set my 5-year-old received a high achievement certificate!

As well all know making school subjects fun really helps with learning and the Early Maths 101 to Go – Numbers and Measurements set makes maths fun! After using the set for just a few months my 5 year old really started to excel in maths, it helped him love the subject even more and he become the top of his class!

This innovative set comes in a handy carry case and is perfect for children who are just starting school, as it is aimed at 5-6 year olds. It is the perfect bumper maths kit to support school learning from home, your little one can easily learn through numbers and measurement play.

Included is a colour activity booklet, 25 activity cards and 7 different types of tactile maths items, including 74 Number Rods with booklet, 19 Place Value Trains, 1 x School Friendly Playing Cards, 1 Snakes and Ladders/Number Board with block windows, 40 Transparent Counters, 5 Number Trains, 2 Ten-Sided Jumbo Place Value Dice (ones & tens). You can use the activity booklet or make up your own games with the cards, rods or counters. We found the counters especially good and in no time my 5 year old could tell how many there were with a quick glance, it also helped for subtraction and division.

The kit has been specially designed by a leading children’s maths teacher and author, Dr Paul Swan, to ensure the activities are engaging, educational and entertaining.

We love this set and are sure you will too! It is an excellent tool to supplement home learning.The maths kit is excellent value as at only £38.99 will create hours and hours of educational fun!

Available from EDX Education

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