Heart London Magazine’s 2022 Christmas Gift Guide – For Kids

We are huge Christmas fans here at Heart London Magazine, it really is a magical time of the year and seeing a child’s face light up from the gift you have given them is pure joy for everyone.

Muddy Puddles Ecosplash Fleece Lined Jacket

We are big fans of Muddy Puddles at Heart London Magazine and not just because their children’s clothes are fantastic but they are ethical too! This lovely waterproof jacket is lined with fleece to keep your little one’s warm and dry! It is also made from recycled fabric from post-consumer plastic bottles, this jacket will not only keep your child warm and comfortable in all kinds of weather but will also help you both to do your bit for the planet. Its super-waterproof technology gives protection up to 10,000 mm and with fully taped seams, your child will stay dry and comfy when exploring nature in the snow and rain. However, you won’t need to worry about their comfort as the fabric is also incredibly breathable up to 3,000 gm2, so playing, climbing, and running about will still be a breeze.

Meanwhile, its contrasting colour exposed waterproof zip and elasticated binding on the hood, hem, and sleeves will make it easy for you to spot your child on a crowded school field or playground. Safety is also ensured on dark or dull days as the reflective details make your child easy to spot. As an added bonus, you’ll never need to tell your child to stay out of those muddy puddles or to stop making mud pies – this jacket is machine washable at 30 degrees for your ultimate convenience! A lovely present that will make play safe and add to the fun!

Available from Muddy Puddles for £35.00

Vtech KidiZoom PrintCam

We are huge fans of Vtech gifts and feature them every year in our gift guides, not only are the products well thought out they always make wonderful presents that are well received and can be enjoyed for years! The Vtech KidiZoom PrintCam takes photos that can be printed instantly and kids can have fun adding special effects, stamps, borders, comic strips and more to those prints! The flip-up lens allows for easy selfies too. They can also turn your photos into line drawings to colour or use the print shop to print games, design and print cars and even pretend money! It also functions as a normal digital camera: so children can take videos and save photos and videos and transfer by USB. It includes 1 roll of Thermal Paper. What you will love is parents can also set a time limit on how long this toy can be played with, a gift that just keeps on giving! For age 5+.

Available from Vtech for £79.99

Monopoly World Tour

Monopoly is a game that been a family favourite for generations and it never gets old! Watching my 6 year old play and beat me was a joy for both of us! We love the new take on the original Monopoly, the Monopoly World Tour. Players can discover and visit exciting travel destinations. They can also buy destinations, complete travel goals, and stamp the dry-erase gameboard with their token stamper to win. Create memories with the Travel Journal cards that become part of the gameplay in future games and learn fun facts about locations across the globe along the way. What a great game for travel buffs! This travel edition of the Monopoly game is a fun game for a family game night and it’s a great game for kids 8 and up, although as I said my 6 year old loved it. A game the whole family can enjoy!

Available from John Lewis for £22.49

Pear Shaped Game

Pear Shaped is a fun card game for 2 or more players. The aim of the game is match the pear-shaped objects in this incom-pear-able card game! Get rid of your cards before the pear stops rocking & be the quickest to match with the card in the centre. You can also match by object, colour or number… but if there’s an exact match, all bets are off and it’s a race against your fellow gamers to grab the rocking pear! Oh, and don’t forget to “do the Shakes Pear” wiggle when the timer stops or when you win! (aka rock side to side in triumph)…. We’re so going to get some music for the Shakes Pear! – Got any ideas? Although this game is set for 7 years olds my just turned 6 year old loves it!

Available at Camden Games for £14.99

TOMY Case MAXXUM 150 RC Radio Controlled Tractor

Watch the huge smiler from the child who opens this gift on Christmas Day! This sizeable TOMY Big Farm Range scale tractor (and it really is big) scale tractor features radio controlled forward, reverse, left and right steering, cab lights and a realistic sound effect! Not only is it big, it’s very tough which means it can be played with inside or outside! The big wheels mean it can easily climb over uneven surfaces too! It is finished in high quality and very durable plastic and has exciting features for realistic play! Available for children 3+. A gift that can be played with for years!

Available from Wonderland Models for £64.99

Kanoodle Fusion Light Up Board

Children develop problem-solving, critical thinking, logic, and reasoning skills as they play with Kanoodle Fusion, the colourful, mind-bending light-up puzzle logic game. Children can use the 13 puzzle pieces including 10 translucent pieces to complete the 50 puzzles included in this portable, hand-held game. The pieces also store neatly in the carry case after play which can save them from getting lost! Unlike most games this is perfect for solo play which is great for only children to enjoy! Watch them play with excitement this Christmas with a gift they will adore! Age 7+.

Available from Bright Minds for £21.99

Uh Oh Milo – The Excited Elf Book

The Uh Oh Milo Excited Elf Book perfectly captures the excitement of Christmas. Every parent needs some help getting their little one to sleep on Christmas Eve and reading this book may well be the helping hand you desire as it has been created to encourage little one’s to fall asleep.

The Excited Elf has a very important job. He has to make sure children everywhere are fast asleep, so a very special visitor can drop down the chimney on Christmas Eve. There’s only one problem – it’s FAR too EXCITING! Can Granny get this special Christmas Mischief Maker to calm down and help Milo and Mary fall asleep before it’s too late?

Available from Uh Oh Milo for £6.39

Studio Creator Video Maker Kit – LED Deluxe

For the budding TV presenter or wannabe influencer, the Studio Creator Video Maker Kit – LED Deluxe is the perfect present. Thee is so much you can do with this amazing set and at only 20 pounds it is excellent value for money. You can Record your own professional looking videos with the Studio Creator Kit. It contains everything you need to create your own amazing videos; a dimmable, 3 colour mode light ring with adjustable phone holder, desktop tripod and a green screen to get creative backgrounds with all your favourite apps! Easy to set up and ready to go in minutes, the kit also comes with a handy guide, providing you lots of advice and tips on how to get the best out of your video. Show off your creative side with the Studio Creator and start sharing now!

Available from Argos for £20.00

Ducky Zebra Organic Cotton Jumper

Warmies Microwavable 9 Inch Reindeer

As the weather gets colder, so do our houses. When curling up at night, sometimes you just want something warm to hold against your chest. You could go the classic route and heat up a hot water bottle, but Warmies microwavable stuffed animals are far more fun; and softer! This Reindeer is perfect for keeping your little one cozy this holiday season. Just pop it into the microwave for 30 to 45 seconds, cuddle up, and you’re good to go!

Available from Ryman

Price: £10.99

Peppa’s House Bath Playset

Tomy Toomies Peppa Pig bath play set comes with a refillable water house,  a working shower, an amazing spinning washing machine, a slide and a shape sorting window pourer. The perfect distraction for your little ones making bath time fun for all. It not only distracts your little ones but is also interactive, you can join in the fun. This is perfect for ages 18m+.  

Available John Lewis for £19.99


Ideal’s Grabolo is the perfect game to keep you and your children entertained, it’s as simple as finding the match and grabbing it as fast as you can! This Is a 2-4 player game ideal for ages 4+. It is not only engaging and interactive but also educational perfect for growing minds, you are taught to take turns, and share all whilst having fun at the same time. 

Available from John Lewis for £10.00

Melissa & Doug – Stamp a Scene

If your child struggles to express themselves then the stamp a scene is the perfect arts and crafts toy for children from ages 4+. Your child is able to have full creative independence whilst they make their very own stories using pictures and colours. Another great interactive educational children’s toy that’s fun for all. Who knows this could be the beginning of a magical journey for your child.

Available from John Lewis for £19.99

Melissa and Doug – Dentist Kit

This 25-piece dentist kit playset is a realistic kit of instruments that teaches young children good dental care, this interactive set is educational and fun and a game you can play in groups. Perfect for ages 3+. This could very well be the beginning of a young dentist in the making. Educational, fun and interactive what more could you ask for? 

Available from John Lewis for £34.99

Ideal’s Rummikub

If you are bored of the usual family fun bored games and want to switch things up but keep it educational for those young growing minds then Ideal’s Rummikub is the perfect game for you. This is a challenging yet fun game for all. The objective is to be the first player to play all the tiles from your rack by forming them into sets. This is a 2-4 player game ideal for ages 7 to adult. Perfect for the holiday season when the house is full of children running around. 

Available from John Lewis for £15.99

Stabilo Cappi Fibre Tip Pens

Who doesn’t love colouring pens and even better when they are from a brand you love like Stabilo. This set of 24 pens will be perfect for any budding artist and you will love the innovative tops which you can slide through on a string ring so the lids will never get lost! The ergonomic grip – ideal for children´s hands and the pens won’t dry out for 24 hours of the lids being left off. the Unusual tube shape – so the pen doesn’t roll away and can be easily picked up. Genius!

Available from Amazon for £18.72

Tetris Table Board Game

This wonderful game is suitable for 6+ and isn’t just great value for money, it is an excellent strategy game too! This game is based on the classic computer game and designed Alexey Pajitnov. It allows children to use their minds without the help of computers, which is a win win for everyone! Players take turns placing a single Tetrimino on the board. Can you outsmart your opponent? The player who successfully places the last Tetrimino wins!

Available at Argos for £15.00

Mini-Builds Tyrannosaurus Rex – Slot Together Cardboard Kit

Children can have fun building and playing with their very own Tyrannosaurus Rex. This wonderful gift is great value for money at only £9.99 and is suitable for Age 8+. With a clever pull-tab roaring action and striking bold markings, this deadly bone-crusher was a heavyweight hunter with strong teeth and a powerful jaw. The most terrifying and famous dinosaur of all. This Tyrannosaurus Rex is easy to assemble using slot together techniques – there’s no glue, no mess, no fuss! Everything you need is provided in the kit – simply follow the instructions: press out the pre-cut parts, build and play. It is made using 100% sustainable cardboard and paper, Build Your Own’s Tyrannosaurus Rex is not only fun and engaging to play with, but also eco-friendly.

Available from Not On The Highstreet for £9.99

Planet Buddies Kids Headphones

These headphones are cleverly designed with young ears in mind and you will love that that the volume is limited to protect their hearing. This cute design has Pippin the Panda ears and colours as well as an adjustable furry headband. Planet Buddies have also partnered with World Land Trust and Marine Conservation Society whereby a proportion of revenue from each sale is donated to each charity respectively to support their various projects. They are also available featuring other super cute animals. They are also amazing value for money at only £17.49! They are ideal for Travel and School, works with Computer, Phone, Tablet and Kindle. They are made from heavy duty materials, these earphones are designed to withstand handling, drops and knocks. Come with a carry bag for travel friendly use, making these great gifts for girls or boys.

Available from Amazon for £17.49

Not On The High Street Personalised ‘Behind The Magic Door’ Book

Kids love personalised books and Not On The High Street have a fantastic range available. The book are hand made too! With the personalised story the child is literally the star of the story! This book features clever rhyming verses, full page colour illustrations and you even get to pick the Adventurer that most resembles your child. The book follows the Disney Pixar classic story telling technique resulting in an amazing magical adventure for your little one packed within a great keepsake gift that they can enjoy for years. Your child helps a host of fun and colourful characters who, in return, gift letter rewards along the way.

Available from Not On The High Street for £15.99

Ivy and Mole Kids Book by Jess Childs

You will fall in love with this wonderful children’s book by Jess Childs. Ivy and Mole is a story about self-esteem, with the ever increasing pressure of social media this issue is important to discuss with children of all ages. The book takes a look at the journey we all take as human beings towards finding and learning to love our true selves. It is a beautifully illustrated take on how identifying that one-off superpower that lies inside each one of us is the key to taking us there, and written to rhyme to support children with thinking about and maintaining their self-esteem.

Ivy makes a down on his luck companion as she ventures into the Wildest Wood to find ‘Pond Number One’ and together the pair end up discovering as much about their own sense of self as they do about the magical landscape that surrounds them.

Available from Olympia Publishers for £7.99

Ideal’s Rummikub

If you are bored of the usual family fun bored games and want to switch things up but keep it educational for those young growing minds then Ideal’s Rummikub is the perfect game for you. This is a challenging yet fun game for all. The objective is to be the first player to play all the tiles from your rack by forming them into sets. This is a 2-4 player game ideal for ages 7 to adult. Perfect for the holiday season when the house is full of children running around. 

Available from John Lewis for £15.99