June 03


Gone but never forgotten, my beautiful friend Jourdan Roberts

10440266_10152469910531240_5525970196589864722_n One of the best things in life is a solid girly friendship.  There is nothing better than a good friend that you can laugh with, watch girlie movies together, take fun trips to Vegas, slide down a snowy mountain in a tube, spend endless New Years eve’s having fun with, spend family Christmases together, visit Big Ben and even live next door to.  A friend who always makes you smile, one whom you are eternally there for and they are there for you.  Sometimes they may get a little annoyed at the driver next to them who was taking up to much of their lane, or driving to slow.  But always have a smile on their beautiful face and eyes that make you melt.  I had a special friend like that Jourdan Roberts, who sadly passed away this last weekend. 17375_608022012272_8022268_n

In dedicate this to you my beautiful friend Jourdan Roberts  5/3/85-5/31/14.  You may have been taken too soon, but you will always be in our hearts.  Thank you for your beautiful friendship and amazing spirit. 

Love Catherine x



Cat, Heart London Magazine

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