Adding ease and style to your British picnic

Picnics are amazing, beautiful weather, amazing company, great food and maybe the odd glass of wine or two.  We are a bit challenged when it comes to the British weather, which led me to seek how we can have a stylish picnic without to much planning for those days when the sun has got his hat on.  I found some amazing goodies, many of which can be used for BBQ’s and Garden parties too.  If you are not one to drink out of a paper cup on any occasion, then this could be for you.


Carluccio’s 5 Star Picnic

My first find Carluccio’s picnic is not only a time saver, but it created a 5 star picnic menu.  I love not only that I did not have to cook and the food was out of this world amazing!  I would even go as far as to say it was the best picnic food I have ever had, they even do a meat and a veggie version to suit all kinds of tastes.  Not only did it come already packed in a cute blue cooler bag, it had an ice cooler pocket on the side.  This is perfect for a British picnic, you can order just 24 hours behind and pick it up on the day of your picnic.  This makes it weather friendly on those weekends when you never know if the weather man managed to get it right!

Each dish was really special, the savoury tart with melt in your mouth pastry was made of the lightest whipped goats cheese and a tantalizing spinach combination. The stuffed Beafsteak tomato, with farro, lemon and spring onion provided a zingy combination.  Zesty lemon and herby foccacia were sharp to the taste, but a welcome palate cleanser.  My favourite the Stwawberry Tart, is like an Italian version of Eaton Mess. The welcome and unusual combination of olives with potato were delicious, as was the roast vegetable pasta.  The whole meal combined was a 5 star treat.

Carluccio’s picnic is not only a time saver, it made the picnic’s menu like a 5 star restaurant.

Carluccio's Classic PicnicAvailable to order at, only £45

Morrison’s Stylish Summer Range

Morrison’s have an amazing picnic range, it looks 5 times the price, is stylish and practical as well.  I love the colour scheme, aqua green, blue and pink and purple. As mentioned I hate using paper cups, so having pretty solid cups that can not break or fall over gave me a huge smile.  I fell in love with the cute stripped cooler bag and the amazing picnic blanket (which comes with an over shoulder holder).  No more dropping the blanket as you are trying to carry your basket, as it slings neatly over your shoulder.  What I really love is the fact everything matches.  You can have a lovely spread, with plates, bowls, tumblers, salad bowls and even wine glasses that look pretty for your eye catching picnic.  I actually had a few people asking me where I got them from and I was more than happy to share, Morisson’s came up trumps on this one.

Morrison’s have an amazing picnic range, that not only looks 5 times the price, it is stylish and practical as well.

Picture 154 pack of Tumbers £1, 4 pack of large plates £1.50, Picnic Blanket £5.00, 4 pack of square bowels, Salad Bowel £2.50 & Cooler Bag £5.00.  All available at Morrison’s.

Beer Hawk British Beers

Although I am not the biggest beer fan, everyone else in the world seems to be and they are a must for every picnic.  So I was delighted to find a company that selected a box of British beers for you.  Now I can fake that I actually know about beers and impress everyone.  It really is a great idea and they deliver the set straight to your door, they find the world’s best beers, so you don’t have to.  I ordered the British Beer Case case and I loved the variety of the beers.  For beer connoisseurs they also a range from Belgium, Germany and many more.

Beer Hawk find the world’s best beers, so you don’t have to.

Picture 4The case of wonderful British Beers is £37.50 and can be bought from

Delicious Tefal Fruit Sensation

Fruit smoothies are a welcome addition to any picnic, but can be hard to make.  I recently discovered the Tefal Fruit Sensation, not only does it make smoothie creation very easy, it also can chop fruit and veg as well.  Being a fan of cocktails, I discovered you can make add a little tipple to your fruit drink, for a little pizzaz.  The product is very stylish and heavy, so doesn’t hop around the counter top as it works it’s magic.  I love the mouth watering book that comes along with it, which gives you recipes for some healthy drinks like Energy and Vitality, as well as few naughty additions like White Chocolate Magic and the Extremely Chocolately Treat.  I have always been a fan of Tefal’s pans and didn’t know they did any kind of kitchen appliances.  The Tefal Fruit Sensation is a very welcome addition to any kitchen, it is easy to use, stylish and made my picnic complete.  I am ready to impress my guests at my next dinner party with my exquisite cocktail making skills, whether of the virgin kind or with an added tipple.

 The product is very stylish and heavy, so doesn’t hop around the counter top as it works it’s magic.

url-1The Tefal Fruit Sensation is a steal at only £40 and available at

Bring on the summer sun, if even for a day.  With some helpful and stylish products, picnics can be made easy!

Cat, Heart London Magazine

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