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With the summer weather everyone has been waiting for finally upon us, it’s very much time to start thinking about what is essential for a sexy summer! But with so many brands, products and promises out there, it has always proven very difficult for me to know what exactly to buy. Well I have finally found some amazing ‘must haves’ for the best possible sexy summer!


Grey Floral The first thing most women think of when deciding on their ‘sexy summer essentials’ are their bikini options. For those beautiful ladies out there who love a bit of cleavage (let’s face it – we all do!) but may not have the biggest bust size, why not check out the stunning swimwear outfits from MaxCleavage.com. Trust me – you will go up a bust size or 3 as soon as you put one of their stunning bikini’s on! One of my favourite bikinis is the ‘Oriental Bloom Gel Bikini Set’. It’s beautiful pattern and colour would suit a girl of any skin tone, and is an absolute must have for my bikini wardrobe! You can purchase this item for £70Screen Shot 2014-07-24 at 14.54.43


Another beautiful bikini find was this stunning David Jessica Bikini. Although it isn’t a cleavage-enhancing bikini, it’s impossible to not feel sexy wearing it. The beautiful touch of gold, looks amazing with a sunkissed tan. This beautiful bikini can be found at UKBeachwear.com for just £64.95


Now don’t worry if you don’t already have a sunkissed tan, I have just the thing…or things! If you are looking for a quick and easy way to get a beautiful glow, then Fake Bake Beyond Bronze is the way to go. I must admit, I am not usually a fan of applying fake tan…I usually come out looking like I’ve coloured myself in with an orange Crayola, but I gave this mousse a go and to my surprise (despite how bad I am) I had no streaks and the tan looked very natural. The full range of Beyond Bronze tanners are available from fakebake.co.uk, Boots & Superdrug with prices starting from as little as £9.99.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 14.36.41

For those of you looking to enhance your natural glow however, I would suggest trying out the PHYTOBROPhytobronz_newimageNZ SKIN PROTECT. These capsules are used to help create a natural glowing tan from within, as well as help protect our skin from the damaging effects of the sun.  Each capsule contains the essential nutrients beta carotene (which is a natural vegetable source of vitamin A and also helps to prevent the skin from allergies and burning), and vitamin E, both anti-oxidants, which are essential for the skin, helping to protect it against free radicals that activate the ageing process.

PhytoBronz costs £17.95 for 30 capsules and is available from health food stores and www.healthy2u.co.uk.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 15.08.13


Another capsule option is the Biocare Beta Care capsules. These easy to swallow capsules, improve your skin tone naturally and helps you get a ‘tan’ colour without the need to bake for ages. As well as helping you have that sexy glow, it also aids the skin renewal process and protects against the ageing process and harmful effects of radicals…where can you go wrong! It’s a win-win! These capsules can be bought from Biocare.co.uk for as little as £7.85


Another way to get an effortless head to toe gorgeous glow with milk_shake’s new SUN & MORE absolute bronze! This tan intensifying treat is packed with carrot extract rich in beta-carotene and carotenoids, vitamin B1 plus vitamin C to increase tanning and provide a more intense, long-lasting bronze. Featuring rice and almond oils to moisturise for velvety soft skin as well as antioxidant vitamin E and UV filters, it helps to restore and protect the skin leaving it with a beautiful sheen. If you would like to by this amazing product visit www.milkshakehaircare.co.uk , where it is on sale for £19.99

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 15.23.08


Champneys Skin Comforting Miracle Balm

I’m certain every girl who loves to pamper themselves has heard of Champneys, well this popular brand has a range of travelling mini moisturisers, oils and balms that will ensure women are always equipped wherever they go! One of them being the Champneys Skin Comforting Miracle Balm, which is ideal to pop in your handbag when travelling. From personal experience, I can honestly say this is a little god send to have in your bag, if you have come back from your holiday and you can see your tan starting to peel! You would think miracles cost a little more that £5.50!


And for all the lucky readers who are visiting a beach this year, as well as finding swimwear, one must also find the right towel to sunbathe with! Check out the Gone Crabbing range, they have some awesome towels as well as other seaside inspired products and gifts! I absolutely love this bright and quirky towel that is on sale for £19.99 and cannot wait to show it off!




Layout 1As well as looking after our skin, it is vital to also look after your hair from the sun and heat. This can often prove difficult – especially when you have long thick curly hair like myself! However I have found just the products to help protect my hair and keep it looking sexy. The first product I would recommend is the Hübner’s Silicea Beauty Direct beauty shots, Silic
a is one of the most valuable minerals and one of the most important ‘beauty’ nutrients: it helps to support the formation of collagen and elastin and strengthen skin, hair and nails by encouraging the body to hold on to water and other vital nutrients. These shots not only work wonders for your hair, skin and nails but also taste wonderful, with the delicious red berry ‘smoothie’ flavor, you feel like you are not only treating your skin, hair and nails but also treating your taste buds! It costs from £12.95 for 15 sachets and is available from selected health stores from today (!) as well as online at www.healthy2u.co.uk


If you are anything like me then your hair can’t help but frizz out on holiday due to the heat and the water. The beautifully scented Palmer’s Coconut Oil Formula Strengthening Leave-In Conditioner, not only leaves your hair smelling edible but also helps strengthen and detangle hair whilst nourishing and repairing dry, frizzy ends. It controls frizz, (take it from someone with naturally frizzy curly hair!) adds shine, reduces split ends and protects against breakage and can be used daily to improve manageability without greasiness or build-up. Dream come true for my frizzy self! RRP ONLY £4.99 Available from selected Sainsbury’s, Superdrug and Sally, www.amazon.co.uk, www.feelunique.com


As well as ensuring your hair is pristine condition, to have a sexy summer also means to have sexy hair accessories. Why not try the Braided Hair Band from the hair couture brand Sleek. This beautiful accessory works well on both long and short hair and comes in a range of colours; it will help keep your hair off your face in this super hot weather but still have you looking super glamorous!

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 17.14.54


You can have the most amazing bikini’s in the world and the best tan possible but it all goes to waste when we have a bloated tummy, but doScreen Shot 2014-08-04 at 17.19.35 I have just the thing for you! Ladies, try out the Acidophilus Powder. If your body has a lack of friendly bacteria, your digestive system doesn’t function normally, which often leaves you with a bloated stomach, this amazing product will help keep your belly flat and healthy! This is also another Biocare product which can be bought for just £22


I Sadly wasn’t blessed with clear and radiant skin, and infact without make -up no matter how much sleep I have, I ALWAYS have dark circles under my eyes! Malvina Advanced Eye Cream (£48.00) has drastically decreased the darkness around my eyes as well aMalvina Fraser Power Range Advance Eye Cream Whites reduced puffiness. Because of this small yet powerful product I feel a lot more confident rocking the ‘no make up on the beach’ look! For any of my beautiful readers who share the same problem check out this product the results were amazing for me!


Summer is all about showing off and enhancing your natural beauty, so here are just a few not so obvious make-up finds that will put you one level of sexiness above the rest! If you are looking for a bit of colour to brighten up your summer then check out the essence the amazingly colourful make up brand. They have a range of eye shadows, eye pencils and even colour Mascara’s and staggeringly low prices! Their Volume colour Mascara’s come in a range of summer colours including emerald-green, bright blue, petrol, purple and pink, that will leave you ready for any summer party or festival! These can be bought from their site for just £2.99 each…that’s right girlies, £2.99 !!!


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 17.23.48


If however, you are looking for a more natural yet ‘wow’ look, then try out the Eye of Horus volume Mascara. Although this is a newly launched brandScreen Shot 2014-08-04 at 17.31.20 within the UK, it has a huge fan base internationally…and boy do I know why! If anyone knows me, they know how fussy I am when it comes to my mascara – it’s the ‘make or break’ of my make-up bag. However, I decided to give this mascara a try as it looked rather interesting, and it did not disappoint! It’s very easy to apply and leaves your lashes looking very defined, yet full of volume…and intensely black (which I love). This £19.99 mascara, is a must have for anyone who wants the natural volume look and is perfect for a summers night out!



A picture of my lashes after applying the Eye Of Horus Mascara


Another make-up must have, is the Sleek Bare Skin Foundation, this product is a God send for all those ladies who hate the feeling of wearing heavy foundation, clogging up your face and paws. This foundation is super-light, giving your skin a barely-there no makeup feel, whilst delivering beautifully even and natural flawless finish. It’s light base feels weightless, allowing skin to breathe, yet leaving your skin looking flawless. The best part is, it’s not priced at a stupid rate, its extremely affordable at just £8.99, available at selected Superdrug stores and online at www.sleekmakeup.com



It’s all well and good having great make-up but a good Make-up brush set is also essential to ensure you can look as sexy as possible. Check out the Brush Me Up Set, by Mad Beauty; not only are they the cutest make up brushes I have ever owned with their cute floral design, they are also work wonders when applying make-up (as well as come in a convenient little bag) they are on sale for just £8.99. Mad Beauty also sell THE CUTEST flavoured flip flop lip balms at just £2.99 each.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 17.39.08


Another essential for a super sunny summer are sexy sunglasses! Summer is all about colour, so why not treat yourselves to some bright sunglasses? Check out Icewatch – that’s right the watch company! They have a huge selection of different coloured sunglasses. These rainbow coloured glasses are available at the affordable UK RRP price of £59.50 for both optical and sunglass versions.

Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 17.40.42


Another awesome sunglasses find is from SUNDRiED. they have some really unique glasses styles, that are hand made and eco-firendly. I love their Bamboo style glasses (£90) and have received so many compliments since wearing them! As well as sunglasses SUNDRiED produce, t-shirts, hoodies and various accessories which are eye catching and bold, designed to attract and replicate a cool laid-back surfer lifestyle. This is one of my favourite finds for this summer as they have a huge range of designs to suit all, from triathlon, to run, swim, cycle, surf and outdoor lifestyle. Check out their range here: http://www.sundried.com


Screen Shot 2014-08-04 at 17.46.38


For a sexy summer one must also have the right day and night time wardrobe! I found some beautiful colourful day and evening dresses as well as skirts and play suits, at ingenuelondon.com . One of my favourite dresses from their beautiful range is the Kesley Square Dress, priced at just £88 – the colourful design is perfect for the summer, aScreen Shot 2014-08-04 at 17.49.04nd the soft peplum shape is extremely flattering and is suitable as an evening/ ocassion style dress. Their extensive collection is both elegant and wearable for women of all ages, with a great range of styles and cuts focused to flatter a variety of figures!


I couldn’t write a whole summer article and not include at least one Jewellery find! I’m in love with the brand STORY by Kranz & Ziegler, they have the most amazing wrap bracelet and charms, that will look amazing with any outfit. Classic charm bracelets have been making a BIG comeback, with names like Links of London, and Thomas Sabo offering collections geared toward this trend. For the folks that are done with beads, or just want to mix up their look, a STORY charm bracelet is the answer. They have a vast collection of different wraps and charms that will ensure your bracelet is very personal to you.
Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 12.57.11


The next five products I am going to mention, aren’t as obvious, but still essential for a sexy summer!


  1. Zap – It £5.99 

If you are anything like me, then your get mullered by mosquito bites in the summer! (I left my window open the other night and woke up to 6 mozap-it HR1 Travelsquito bites!) Bites can be the most frustrating and irritating thing,…and if they get big enough often make you look slightly weird. Not sexy AT ALL! Zap – It is a quick and easy fix to soothing the itch. A small but effective piezo device that generates a harmless and mild (no stronger than a gentle pinch) low electrical impulse created by crystals (this same technology is commonly used in clocks, lighters and guitar pickups) to deliver harmless little ‘zaps’ which take the itch and scratch out of mozzie bites. It takes up no room in your bag… I literally carry mine everywhere now! It’s definitely an essential to ensure you still look sexy even if you do have sweet blood!

Zap-It is available in different colours from selected health stores, pharmacies, garden centres, Superdrug and all Asda shops nationwide. It’s also available online on Amazon and at www.ecobrands.co.uk.


  1. Beverly Hills, Formula Perfect Black White Toothpaste.Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 13.04.37

A black whitening toothpaste which uses activated charcoal to help brighten smiles! An absolute MUST for summer! Although the idea of using black toothpaste to whiten teeth sounds like a paradox, I thought I would give it a try – and I’m so glad I did, this is now my regular toothpaste! I love it, it works wonders! First toothpaste I have used where I see Immediate results! An absolute God send if you want a perfect smile in your summer photos! The toothpaste retails at Superdrug and many other stores.



  1. MURINE Bright & Moist Eyes


This is perfect for anyone who is looking a little tired after a night out! The Murine Bright and Moist Eyes helps to keep your eyes feeling fresh in the summer heat and keeps your eyes glowing when you are wearing less eye makeup by the pool.

Available from Boots, Superdrug, Tesco, Waitrose and pharmacies nationwide priced £4.07 foCompeed_Jordi_BlisterReliefNewr 15m


  1. Compeed Blister Plasters!

For all you ladies who have an beautiful pair of shoes, but the thought of putting them on in the summer heat, is in itself a painful thought grab yourselves some Compeed Plasters! They are a handbag essential that work wonders, but don’t take up much room at all! If your summer shoes start to rub, these will provide an instant relief and protect further pain! A MUST HAVE! These can be bought from most supermarkets and pharmacies!

  1. Tech 21

This is probably the most random item on this article, but if any of you are going away and can’t stand the thought of leaving your laptop or tablet beh
ind then this is a great find! They have a number of cases for most laptop, phones and tablets that will protect your beloved item from bumps and scratches! An essential for travelling! They also come in a range of colour and styles, so although this wont personally make you look sexy…it will make your laptop, tablet or phone look sexy!

http://www.tech21.com/Screen Shot 2014-08-05 at 13.19.37


I hope you all have an amazing, fun filled and above all SEXY summer. I hope at least some of these products can be of use to all of you the way they have been for me!

Lianna, Heart London Magazine

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