HEALTH AND FITNESS – Run and Ride safely in London with Respro

 Screen Shot 2014-10-16 at 19.54.26UK Air London: A real problem, or just a trend?  Respro® launches new range of street-style pollution masks

2014 has brought Saharan dust and increased toxic air quality reports to the UK and earlier this year, London suffered serious smog problems that led to warnings for vulnerable people, including children, the elderly and those with respiratory illnesses, to stay indoors for days.

In response to the ever-deteriorating air quality both here and world wide, Respro® has launched a new line of Skins™ pollution masks, the company’s most fashionable line to date.  The idea behind it is to introduce a style element for the wearer: instead of feeling alienated by wearing a mask, it becomes a fashion accessory with a statement.

Wearing a mask as a cycle commuter or a city runner will provide some protection to a user’s lungs and the new Respro® Skins™ range enables the wearer to match their style and complement their active wardrobe.

Respro® founder and mask inventor Harry Cole comments; “Much has been written about the UK’s deteriorating air quality over the past months and at times the hype may seem impure.  But when we see a noticeable haze sitting atop the London skyline when viewed from Primrose Hill or Brockwell Park and note a heaviness in our lungs when breathing on those hazy days, for us there’s no question that the quality of London’s air is getting worse. ”

To see the new Skins™ range and how they can now be personalised, go to: