FASHION AND BEAUTY – Party in heels, walk home in Rollasole

rollasoles-1Ladies, we have all been there, spent a night partying on the town in hot high heels and limped home in the same high heels.  Heels really make an outfit and most women feel sexy wearing them, but after a night standing or dancing in them we all pay the price.  Even taking them off and putting them back on does not help, it only makes them worse and carrying a spare pair of shoes in a small is not possible.  This is where Rollasole come in, they are innovative flat shoes that role up and fit in your bag.  While there are other makes on the market, the price point for Rollasole is very reasonable and they include a handy bag to put your heels in.

This is where Rollasole come in, they are innovative flat shoes that role up and fit in your bag.  

What I really love about the shoes is the styles they come in, they do not just come in simple black, so you can match your outfit all night long!  They are available in vending machines in clubs, online and mini bars in hotels, just when your feet need them most.  They come in small (size 3-4), medium (size 5-6) and large (size 6-7).  I think it would be great if they came in actual sizes though, as I am a size 5 and the medium was a little too big and the small a tiny bit too snug.  They did stretch out a little when wearing them, so the small worked in the end, and they look amazing!  The shoes make perfect presents, so ladies save your feet and get some Rollersoles!

The shoes make perfect presents, so ladies save your feet and get some Rollasoles!  

Cost: £7.95 to £19.95


We had a chat with the Rollasole founder and Director Matt Horan to find out more.

First I was going to ask how could a man come up with an idea that is so perfect for women, but then I read your girlfriend had the ‘end of the night’ sore feet after wearing heels.  How did you test the shoes to make sure they provided the much needed comfort after a night out in heels?

I developed a wide range of samples and just made sure all my female friends and their friends always had a pair when they went out and logged all the feedback. It was important to have them tested under realistic conditions, I wanted the best possible shoe for when the heels were killing and they still wanted to look good.

We love the fact that the range comes in varying colours so you can take your shoes off at any time of the night and still look good in them, how did you come up with this idea?

When I first started I just launched the Back to Black range, but it quickly became obvious that women wanted to have them in ready in their bags for all different occasions, the commute to work, for driving, weddings, fancy nights out, wild nights out we’ve had a lot of fun designing Rollasoles for women of all tastes and all occasions.

There are similar shoes on the market, but no-one who provides a bag to put your high heels in. What gave you the idea to provide both?

It was one of the first questions that came up on the market research, “thats great that I don’t have to walk home in pain but where do I put my heels?” When you have them in your clutch bag the high heel carry bag is neatly wrapped around the shoe so makes them compact enough to fit anywhere but when unfolded the bags can fit your shoes and anything else you might be walking home with, purse, keys, mobile, kebabs!

The shoes are available in vending machines in clubs.  Where else are they available?

The latest story to go on sale with is Debenhams which is very exciting, we’re going online with House Of Fraser with some exclusive designs very soon and of course has a wide range of designs, including our latest wedding packs. We’ve also been invited to the Golden Globes this year if you happen to be going there?

We are sure you are loved by women around the world who appreciate being able to go out in heels and walk home without pain, what kind of messages have you been sent from customers?

The feedback has always been fantastic, our Amazon rating is 4.6 out of 5, we’ve worked hard to get the balance right for an emergency shoe that is compact enough to fit in your bag, fashionable enough to wear on a night out but also affordable so anyone could buy them, our entry price is £9.95 so its an accessible price.

Making your shoes available in mini bars is a great idea, where else do you plan to make them available in the future?

The product works in so many environments, we do a lot of high profile award ceremonies like The Brits and Golden Globes, things are going great for us Las Vegas with the hotels and casinos. We’re really keen to do a co-brand with a car manufacturer as a huge amount of our customers love having a pair of Rollasoles stored in glove box to wear as flat driving shoes. Driving in heels or barefoot are responsible for a high percentage of accidents so it would be great to have a positive impact there.

I have noticed men who do not normally wear dress shoes having shoe issues, do you plan to bring out a range for men?

We have discussed it, as well as kids shoes, I think we want to really conquer the womens footwear market and then broaden our horizons.

Is there anything else you would like to share with Heart London Magazine?

If you’re looking for an interesting, fun, useful, fashionable, affordable Secret santa gift this Xmas, look no further than Rollasole!