HEALTH AND FITNESS – Get Summer sexy with Calvin Bonds’ free 2015 Health and Fitness Bootcamp

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Last summer I was introduced to Calvin Bonds’ online health and fitness group, it is a fantastic free 3 month fitness boot camp where you and at least 100 others work towards your fitness goals. 

Your goals may be to lose weight or gain muscle and each week there is a different theme.  You are encouraged to post before photos and given tips on healthy eating, as well as exercise from professionals and those in the group.  Calvin takes the time out of his busy schedule to encourage and help everyone, whilst taking the challenge himself.  I have seen participants achieve amazing results and gain self confidence.  Members all take the time to support each other, so even if you have an off day, there are 100 other people there to pick you up and help you start again!

Members are encouraged to tell their story and we will be sharing some of them right here, as well as the winning members of the group!

We grabbed a few minutes for Calvin to tell us more about this amazing Bootcamp and how you can join for free!

Can you explain the boot camp to us?

The Calvin Bonds Fitness and Health Challenge is designed as a platform of support in achieving a healthier lifestyle of eating, working out and living. Participants are not racing against anyone competitively, because they are working towards their own individual goals. The challenge is more of an international support system. It’s a nonjudgmental platform where participants from all over the world can express their strengths and opportunities to grow in living a healthy lifestyle. It’s therapeutic ear for everyone who has something to say.

What does it entail?

Everyone that signs up by typing, “count me in” on facebook to a public post will receive a word document that breaks down what the group is about. This document will give suggestive tips and video links to meet the needs of each participant who’s goal could include losing weight, gaining weight, maintaining weight, getting more lean, or building mass.

Each person will also be placed in a private group where all of the fun begins. Participants are also welcomed and encouraged to add others to the group. Once being place in the group they will notice weekly announcements that will always be at the top of each page. These announcements are updated every Monday.

Some of the rules include:

Positive feedback only…even in making suggestions participants must be positive and affirming. Too often we as people hear what’s wrong with us and not enough of what’s right with us. The idea is to meet people where they are and lend a helping hand towards where there are trying to go. It’s more about support and encouragement.

Learning takes place by doing and seeing. Every week participants will be responsible for posting and answering certain questions. The inspiration comes in by seeing what others post. For example, every day participants post their food. Posting food suggests choices for healthy eating. It also holds each person accountable. Everyday someone will also do a blog sharing his or her story. This builds trust among each team member because it gives the group an individual look at each person and his or her story.

Participants are responsible for posting a before picture. This picture is in a safe environment and is met by encouraging words of support by others. This makes people comfortable in being transparent. They will post an after picture at the end of the challenge as well.

Every Monday is Progress Report Monday. Participants will post how much they have gained or lost during the previous week. Remember their goals are set on an individual customized basis. They don’t have to worry about listing their total weight (although some do). It’s more about did you meet your individual goal for the week. If goals are not met than we as a group can intervene with suggestions, encouragement, and support on what could be done differently for the next week. There are fitness experts, and nutrition experts to assist along the way.

There is a health component where they receive information about certain diseases and how to prevent them by eating right and exercise.

There are prizes that are given out based on participation in weekly posts and support as a strong presence in the group, and whether or not the participant have worked hard and made significant progress towards his or her goals. Prizes include cash, free apparel from the highly acclaimed collection Cross Colours and interviews in online magazines and a radio show.

Who gave you the idea to create this platform?

God did. We are all placed on this earth to contribute to humanity using our individual talents. This is one of the ways I can help people.

Who is Calvin Bonds?

I am a servant of humanity. My calling is to create interactive platforms to help people through creativity and innovation.

Tell us more about your background.

I live in Los Angeles, CA, but even before that I always remember living a life of helping others. I am inspired by experiences in seeing a hurting world through my professional and educational travels.

Through my professional and educational career as a Global Leadership Training Consultant, international entertainer, businessman, and nonprofit owner, I have been able to contribute to humanity as a change agent throughout the United States, in parts of Africa, India, China, Hong Kong, Europe, Mexico, and a host of other places.

I have a bachelor’s degree in English and Music, a master’s degree in Business Administration, a master’s degree in Adult Education and Training, and currently working on a doctorate degree in Organizational Leadership. I am currently using some aspect of each degree to contribute towards helping people.

In fact my biggest accomplishment is helping people. Nothing else really matters.

How can people join?

People can join the Calvin Bonds Health and Fitness Challenge by contacting Calvin Bonds on facebook or emailing me at

Do you have any success stories to share?

We have been doing this challenge for a few years now. As a result, people have come off high-blood pressure medication, and various amounts of other meds. People were able to stop taking insulin for diabetes. Participants lost enormous amounts of weight. Through discussions and blogs we were able to get to the root of emotional eating. I suffered from emotional eating myself. Confidence was gained through the support and affirmation of other participants. The list is endless of outcomes from participating in the Calvin Bonds Health and Fitness Challenge.

I am just happy to be apart of a platform that helps people.