LONDON EATERIES – Eating like you’re in a 5-star restaurant while helping a great cause

Personally I feel like going out to dinner is to treat myself on a night out with friends while enjoying some great food and conversations. Going to The Brigade not only gives you that, but also gives something back to the hard workers in the restaurant. Not just like any normal tip, but an education. The Brigade takes in people without a home or future and teaches them the ins and outs of working in a full functioning restaurant for seven months. Under the wing of the head-chef, these apprentices will take on the journey of changing their lives forever, and if you want to contribute to that journey, you only have to come to The Brigade and eat their delicious food!


But seriously, the food is amazing and the service was amazing. I felt like I was eating in a 5-star Michelin restaurant, on a great location with an amazing atmosphere. We were sat in the main area, close to door-sized windows that could be opened for warmer weather. I can only imagine how wonderful that must be. As a starter I decided on the duck spring rolls that were heavenly, sometimes I feel restaurants make them too oily or too dry but The Brigade had the perfect in-between. Accompanied with a plum and soy dressing, these Spring Duck Rolls could have been the best part of the meal – or so I thought.

great location with an amazing atmosphere

My main dish was a Duo of Pork, complemented with Sun Dried Tomatoes, Rocket, Sautéed Potatoes, Baby Apples, yes baby apples – How cute?! Our waitress mentioned that my dish may have a little bit too little veggies, so I ordered some Green Beans in Shallot Butter to take in just a little bit more vitamins. It turns out that was the perfect combination. The Duo of Pork was well prepare and juicy at the right bits. The sauce that came with the pork was delicious, and worked well with the rest of my vegetables. However if you would like something different, The Brigade also has all the classics on their menu, from a Caesar Salad to Fish and Chips, this restaurant caters all tastes.


For the desert I went for the Mango Jelly, although that does not sound as fancy as the Elderflower Syllabub or the Raspberry Ripple Parfait that they also provided on their menu, I went for something light to change the normal aromas I go for. The Mango Jelly was good, however what stole the show were the macaroons that were carefully put on the jelly. Although I think it was a bit of a weird combination, I loved every single bite of this appetising dish.

All in all, if you are up for a lovely dinner with outstanding food that creates opportunities, you are right were you need to be at The Brigade. And afterwards you can sneak a peek at the Tower Bridge by night, which makes the evening complete.

Although I think it was a bit of a weird combination, I loved every single bite of this appetising dish.

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Heart London’s 5-star rating:

Food: 4,5

Service: 4

Décor: 3,5

Atmosphere: 4

Drinks: 3


Heart London Magazine, Lieke