The 5 Things We Learned About Tyre Safety

Who ever thinks of their tyres? We don’t, until we got invited to go for a press trip to Bridgestone’s Italian proving grounds to learn about them. Bridgestone is a manufacturer of premium tyres. Their mission is to educate people on tyre safety by providing as much information as possible to teach people on the importance of high-quality tyres.

As young woman, we have never even thought about the rubber under our wheels. This trip to Rome was very educational for us, and these are the 5 most important things we learned:


  1. Your tyres are the only part of the car touching the ground.

This is a fairly obvious thing, however most people never think about it that way. As the tyre is the only part of the car to touch the ground, it can make a big difference in certain situations. They are made of rubber, but much more thought goes into these things than expected. At the Bridgestone research centre tyres are tested every second of the day to make the best tyres possible for any situation.

  1. Even premium tyres are not perfect in every condition

Although we do like to pretend we live in a perfect world, tyres can never be perfect for every situation, tyre manufacturers have to think of several aspects, which contradict each other, tyres perfect for dry pavement have less grip on wet pavement. Therefore the area you live in is important in making the choice of what kind of tyre would be best where. Obviously tyres best for Italy are different than the tyres best for London. Bridgestone has premium tyres for every area, and will educate accordingly on what your tyres does best and worst.



The Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI we tested on wet and dry pavement

  1. However they are safer on the road

During our trip to Rome, we tested the break distance of two different types of tyres, Bridgestone’s premium tyres and low-cost import tyres from a different company, in a Volkswagen Golf 2.0 TDI. The difference was astonishing. The cheap tyres had a 4 meter longer braking distance than the premium tyres, which does not sound as that much, however it is the length of an entire car. Just let that sink in for a minute.

  1. The distinction between dry- and wet-handling is astonishing

Clearly driving your car on dry land or wet land is different, however with different tyres the handling can get even more difficult. Where cheap tyres have a tendency to lose grip and spin without making contact with the pavement, premium tyres will stay connected with the land and will have a better handling, especially in making corners at high speed.

  1. Premium tyres will make a difference

All in all, Bridgestone’s tyres are safer and will make a difference in life and death situation, and they are not even that much more expensive. They are an investment for your life and of those in your car. They have more grip, will most likely last longer than any cheap tyre. Tyre safety is important and next time your will have to get new tyres, get yourself educated what is best for your car and the area you live in. We at Heart London Magazine are sold, we are going for a safer journey with Bridgestone’s Premium tyres.



They even make tyres for high end cars like Ferrari, Porsche and Aston Martin.


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