LONDON EVENTS – sensory cinema has arrived in London

491A5718-E8BF-46CD-8EE6-B625C6073DAEEver wondered why your heart beats faster when you watch a car chase? Or what creates those fuzzy feelings when you sit back with your favourite romance film?

Global premium e-cigarette brand blu UK is set to bring a taste of the future to movie fans this summer with a two-day ‘sensory cinema’ curated by Oxford University professor, author, and neurogastronomist Dr. Charles Spence.

Taking over Islington’s Everyman Screen on the Green cinema for two nights, the audience will have a chance to see, smell, taste and feel cinema as never before in this unique scientific experience.

Audiences will put Dr Charles’ theories to the test via a blend of stimulating flavours and sensations expertly curated to heighten the cinematic experience ­– all inspired by the flavours of blu eCigs.

Indulge your senses in an out-of-this-world classic with Gravity on Wednesday 24th June; flavours of mint and bursts of frozen delights will provide an icy adrenalin kick to replicate the sub-zero temperatures of space, while the nostalgic tastes and aromas of strawberry-mint and the smell of fresh cut grass will bring you back to the real world in the film’s thrilling finale.

For superhero fans, experience a state of heightened suspense with blockbuster X-Men: Days of Future Past on Thursday 25th June. High energy citrus flavours inspired by blu’s NRG will up the ante as the battle commences while attendees can take a trip back to the 70s with a Vanilla treat to give you a bittersweet nostalgic  hit. 

Tickets to the sensory experience are free and cinema-goers can expect a few more ‘sensory surprises’ to complete the evening, which includes a specially curated menu of light bites. Alongside an exclusive multi-sensory introduction from Dr. Charles Spence himself to provide the opening act, smokers will also have the chance to vape the corresponding blu flavours during the screening.

Dr. Charles Spence says, ‘The majority of life’s most enjoyable experiences are truly multisensory, although the medium of cinema has remained largely unexplored until now; research shows that flavours, aromas and physical sensations can have a direct impact on our emotional response to what we see and I’m excited to collaborate with blu UK to explore how we can use these other senses to heighten our viewing experience of familiar films.’

To find out more and apply for your chance to take part in the scientific experience, head to: 

Places are free and are available beginning Friday 22nd May at 9.00am. The screening begins at 7.30pm. The event is only open to 18+, ID will be required to gain entry.