BEAUTY – The ultimate bath experience with Olverum Bath Oil

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I just love a bath, there is something divine about slipping out of your clothes into the water, especially if you have time to enjoy it.  Light a candle, pour a glass of champagne and drop a little Olverum Bath Oil into your water.  Olverum (true oil) is a unique and luxurious aromatic blend of essential oils.

Imagine divine smells, silky smooth water, relaxation and baby soft skin, that is all achieved with Olverum.  I love the smell of tea tree oil and it only takes a few drops of the oil to enhance your bath experience.  I know many an ohh and an arhh could be heard from my bathroom, Olverum is pure delight in a bottle.

Olverum is pure delight in a bottle

The oil comes in two sizes:

Olverum Bath Oil 125ml (Enough for 25 baths) £23.50
Olverum Bath Oil 200ml (Enough for 40 baths) £26.95
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