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When I mention intravenous or IV treatments what is the first thing that comes to mind? An unpleasant reminder of a hospital treatment, an episode of Holby City, or do you simply not know what it is? IV hydration and nutrient therapy have been used in mainstream medicine for almost half a century. Interestingly, a great number of celebrities across the globe have turned to this new trend along with thousands of other believers and they all swear by the fact that this new, wellness treatment makes you look and feel your best in a matter of minutes!
So what is it? Intravenous therapy (IV therapy) is the infusion of liquid substances directly into the body via a vein. To those of you that are squeamish about needles or treatments like this I urge you to keep reading as I have experienced it myself and all my fears were quickly allayed. Without argument this method is the fastest and most efficient and effective way of administering all the goodness that the body needs through direct introduction to the bloodstream. I can honestly say that I experienced no pain other than mild discomfort (like a scratch) and that its bark is far worse than its bite: I would take this over a massage and spa treatment any day for the immediate effects that I felt!

So why are people going to REVIV London? In short, delivering hydration & nutrients via IV means you get 100% absorption of these essential elements direct into the blood stream. Oral absorption on the other hand (including drinking water, sports drinks, taking oral vitamins, etc.) has to pass through your digestive tract (which takes much longer) and clinical studies show as little as 20% absorption. REVIV treatments ensure that all the goodness goes straight into the bloodstream and is circulated around the body – nothing wasted.

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REVIV London, based in the heart of Knightsbridge (directly next door to the Mandarin Oriental), provides a number of Infusion Treatments and Energy & Wellness Booster Shots for those in need. Reassuringly, REVIV is the global market leader and the only true global brand for elective hydration, beauty and wellness therapy, using IV technology. With the likes of Cara Delavigne, Millie Mackintosh, Rita Ora, Simon Cowell to name a few who have all had these treatments I was desperate to put it to the test and see what the fuss is all about.

And so on to the stars of the show, the treatments themselves. REVIV offers 5 different IV infusions suitable for restoring hydration, vitamins, relief of hangover symptoms and general body wellness. They also offer 3 intramuscular booster shots (which only take a few seconds to administer) that help provide energy, alertness, a boost to the immune system and slowing down the ageing process by improving the appearance of skin, hair and nails.

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Surprisingly perhaps, the vast majority of clients thoroughly enjoy the experience. Even those that are nervous about needles are amazed to find that the procedure is straightforward and almost pain-free. Depending on the size of a client’s veins the treatments will typically last anything between 20 and 50 minutes and each one is tailored to deliver different benefits with the balance of vitamins and nutrients being finely honed to deliver the best results .

  • Hydromax (the pure hydration infusion) rebalances your body with fluids fortified with electrolytes and antioxidants to maximise athletic performance. Specifically, it restores hydration, rebalances salts, flushes our lactic acid and toxins, and reduces muscle cramps.
  • Ultraviv (the recovery infusion) helps to combat the effects of sleep deprivation, excessive workload and the overindulgence of nightlife. This is also the perfect hangover cure! It restores hydration, decreases inflammation, relieves pain and nausea and provides an energy boost to give you that feeling of revitalisation.
  • Vitaglow is their anti-ageing infusion. Many dermatologists will say that beauty starts on the inside and this treatment supports this by rejuvenating your skin with high doses of the master anti-oxidant Glutathione to help you glow and stop time in its tracks. Very popular amongst women, it restores hydration, prevents and reverses the effects of free radicals, rejuvenates skin and cleanses vital organs.
  • Megaboost is their best seller and the one that I opted to receive. It is their vitamin infusion. It restores your body with minerals, different anti-oxidants and electrolytes to bring your body back into equilibrium, maximising your productivity and leaving you feeling healthy and refreshed. I couldn’t wait to try it and after a hard week at work I was desperately in need!
  • Royal Flush is their deluxe infusion, their jewel in the crown so to speak. This combines the recovery benefits of the Ultraviv with the cleansing effects of the Megaboost, giving you maximum productivity and detoxification. The benefits of the Royal Flush are exhaustive.

The intramuscular booster shots are B12, Slimboost and Glutathione. Depending on which one you choose, these shots can help to increase your natural energy levels, help to regulate sleep, mood and appetite cycles, boost the immune system, dexotify the body, enhance metabolism to promote natural weight loss and provide anti-ageing benefits. If you can’t afford an IV treatment or need to build up the courage to have one then these booster shots are ideal to start with.

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On my arrival to REVIV London I was welcomed by Gary, the super friendly (and fun!) medical practitioner who was going to administer my treatment. He gave me the grand tour of the clinic which is actually far more like a spa than any clinic I’ve ever encountered and showed me around the various treatment rooms. There are two private treatment rooms and one communal room where you can bring a handful of mates and relax, watch TV, listen to music, or even work. In fact there was already a young gentleman in the clinic relaxing and watching a film. I found out that he was having a treatment as a result of spending a week in Ibiza. Apparently he was the fourth of his group of friends he went out with to come for the treatment. Following what must have been a very… heavy… week he was having the REVIV Royal Flush treatment, the deluxe infusion containing two saline bags. One can only think he must have needed it!

Gary led me to a private treatment room to carry out the consultation, run through a medical questionnaire and take my weight, blood pressure, pulse, etc. The medical side of things is taken very seriously here and at REVIV London it is clear that client safety comes first. There is a doctor in the clinic which definitely adds the gold seal to the treatment for me and provides that extra level of comfort.   Fortunately, my results were all good and I was able to start with the treatment.

I laid back, fully relaxed on the treatment couch. Gary soon had me hooked up to the IV, by putting a very small ultra un-invasive tube into the vein in the arm via a small needle. As I mentioned it sounds far worse than it actually is – I was also given numbing spray, experienced mild discomfort in the form of a small scratch and the cannulation procedure was done. Before long all the goodness was flowing into me and I could relax. Everything was very professional and all checks were done frequently and I honestly could not feel a thing. It was very, very relaxing. In fact, some people actually doze off during the treatment as they are so chilled!

For the next 30 mins I chose to lay back and enjoy the serenity of the relaxing environment in the knowledge that my body was being treated to a veritable feast of goodness. I can see why those in the know would plum for this over the standard pill popping or vegetable eating. It’s quick, easy and requires zero effort and you feel like you’re treating yourself… all done in a spa setting where you feel like a princess… hey who would want a green juice and a host of vitamin pills over this? It’s the ultimate in treating your body well with no waste and available with the minimum of fuss.  Even better they also offer concierge visits where you don’t have to leave the comfort of your own home (or in the case of bad hangovers cannot leave your home!). This sounds too good to be true… but REVIV London do it.   In fact, Beth, who is the Clinic Director was on one of these such visits recently, to Cannes nonetheless. Beth had been called out there by a member of royalty to help administer some treatments for them during their holiday. Well ladies and gents – if it’s good enough for royalty – what on earth is stopping you.

Immediately after (and even during) the treatment I felt more energetic, a heightened sense of alertness and I felt ready to take on the world! It is definitely something I would treat myself too once in a while (perhaps on a monthly basis) and the booster shots I would opt for on a more frequent basis. REVIV is the pioneer in the industry with locations in London, UK, Miami, Las Vegas, New York, the Netherlands, South Africa, Ibiza and Santa Domingo with further expansionary projects in mainland Europe, Canada, Australia and the UAE. I will recommend this to all my friends and family as it really does make you look and feel your best. On a personal note it will also definitely help me get through the party seasons.   And with summer coming to a close and Christmas coming up – that’s another reason you should get yourself down there – go for it, you will not be disappointed!



Emma, Heart London Magazine