LONDON EVENTS – Uncover secret London and meet someone new

Private cooking lesson with Blanch & Shock

Tribe London offers the city’s best money can’t buy experiences with a unique twist for the capital’s singles.

Social butterflies are always on the hunt to prove they’re in the know in London. But keeping your finger on the pulse and finding that special someone to enjoy it with is no easy task. So meet your new BFF, Tribe London.

Tribe London makes sure you have access to the hottest things to do in the city. It keeps you informed on the coolest things to see and do, then organises a date for you and two girlfriends. Tinder and Happn just aren’t cutting it anymore. So singletons can now join Tribe London, choose a unique experience and be paired with a group of three equally adventurous singletons who share similar interests. Awkward silences are also taken care of!

A recent survey by Tribe London found that 74% of women think that shared interests are the most important qualities when looking for a partner*, making this new service perfect for those looking for a date. Dates include private cooking lessons with Blanch & Shock, Bompas & Parr’s immersive cocktail making and a celebration of Spectre at private members club LIBRARY.

Emma Forsyth, Tribe London’s founder and company director said:

“Being a born and bred Londoner, I noticed there are two big questions that come with city living: when faced with so much choice, how do you find the perfect place to go; and when faced with so little time, how do you meet the perfect person? At Tribe London we seek to answer both these by pairing groups of friends to new experiences in the city.”

Sensory feast at provate members club LIBRARY

No More Awkward Moments

Tribe London is battling that awkward moment when it comes to deciding who pays, as all experiences are covered in the cost of the ticket.

What’s important is singletons have fun with those who share similar interests. Dates are all-inclusive and cater for all interests and sexualities. This exciting approach means that Tribe London is constantly adding the latest London experiences, ensuring all urban adventurers are catered for.

By moving away from one-on-one dates, where two people only have dating apps in common, to busy group dating there’s less pressure to impress and more room to have fun.

Emma Forsyth continued:

“The whole point is to get our members to meet as many new, and genuinely interesting, people in as many new, and genuinely interesting places, as possible.”

Tribe London Experiences

Tribe London offers an access all areas pass to the hottest places in London to its members, who can sign up at Current experiences include:

  • Immersive cocktail making at Bompas & Parr’s bar
  • Private cooking lessons with Blanch & Shock
  • Wine tasting at Vinoteca
  • Sensory feast at private members club LIBRARY