FOOD – Brown Noser or Backseat Spreader?


The definitive guide to Marmite-related lingo is unveiled with the official launch of the ‘Marmasaurus’-

The Ministry of Marmite – the primary official body for the nation’s favourite savoury spread – today announces the release of the ‘Marmasaurus’an urban dictionary of words, terms and phrases created to define the Marmite-related spreading habits of the nation.

Following a surge in the amount of ‘Marmidioms’ being documented by spreaders from all corners of the globe, the ‘Marmasaurus’ has been created as the go-to glossary for veteran and prospective enthusiasts to determine the phrases that best depict their yeasty obsessions. Limited-edition hard copies of the ‘Marmasaurus’ are available for a selection of Marmite lovers, along with a free downloadable version at


Leaving no crumb unturned, the ‘Marmasaurus’ details all types of spreading activities, and features a range of official terms every Marmite fan can relate to, including:

·       The Brown Noser – ‘The Thick Spreader’

·       RSI – ‘Repetitive Spreading Injury’

·       Backseat Spreader – Someone who shouts orders whilst another prepares their Marmite on toast’

·       Marmite Mary – ‘A Marmite virgin’

·       DB5 (Dark Brown 5) –‘The optimum shade for Marmite when spread correctly across toast, crumpet or other baked item’

RSIThe institution behind the ‘Marmasaurus’the Ministry of Marmite (MoM), was created in 2015 following the shocking revelations surrounding the Marmite neglect scandal. The MoM’s core mandate is to enrich the lives of all Marmite lovers – in the UK or overseas – through the comprehensive application of Marmite in every facet of their domestic, professional, cultural, and social lives.

 St. John Skelton, Head of Communications for the Ministry of Marmite commented: “With such a variety of Marmite eaters across the world, the lack of official lexicon to describe each strand of yeast aficionado was turning into a bit of a sticky situation. We had reached crunch point, and the Marmasaurus was the obvious solution. We understand that words can be difficult to come by, especially at breakfast time, and hope that by providing these official terms, Marmite-lovers will be able to define themselves and express their habits with ease.”

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