HEALTH AND BEAUTY – At last coconut water that actually tastes like it is fresh from the coconut!

Screenshot 2015-09-23 10.54.25I have been lucky enough to have travelled some of the world and one of my favourite destinations is the Caribbean, who doesn’t love white sand, blue seas and walking along sipping coconut water straight from the coconut.  OK we are in England, so it may be a little hard to enjoy some of those elements, but come rain or shine, you can still enjoy coconut water!

The market is over saturated with different coconut water companies, but most I have tried have had a horrible aftertaste or didn’t taste even like coconut at all – well that is until I tried Vita Coco Natural coconut water. This coconut water tastes as if it is straight from the coconut, it is fresh, tasty and divine.  Apparently it helps with hangovers too and even if you haven’t had a tipple, this tasty drink will keep you refreshed and hydrated!

Vita Coco also make extra virgin 100% raw, cold pressed and organic coconut oil. It smells divine and can be used to keep your skin smooth, as a cooking oil and even for your hair!

There’s lots of clever tips and tricks for you to try – from making your own face mask by mixing an avocado with coconut oil and coarse sea salt then gently applying it to your skin, to banishing away the panda eyes by using coconut oil as a makeup remover – both will revitalise and rejuvenate tired looking skin to reveal a refreshing front-row glow. There’s #CoconutHacks for more than just your skin – try applying coconut oil to your hair before you go to bed and wrapping it in an old t-shirt – when you rinse it in the morning you’ll have nourished, silky smooth hair that will be catwalk ready.

Here are some great ways to use coconut oil 😉