ESCAPE LONDON – Sleep like a baby at Hanbury Manor, Hertfordshire


Hanbury Manor is just over an hour from bustling London and after a particularly hectic week, a great sleep, fresh country air and a breathtaking Manor House was just want I needed. As you drive into the beautifully well-kept grounds of the Golf Course, you are met by a truly beautiful sight. A sprawling red bricked country manor known as Hanbury Manor. This stunning building is near the village of Thunbridge, in Ware, Hertfordshire. The stately 17th century building oozes Jacobean style and is set in 200 acres of spectacular parkland.

The bedrooms do not disappoint and echo the beautiful exterior, ours shared a stunning white carved mantle piece and a real fire grate.  After a night of little sleep due to work pressures I couldn’t wait to enjoy a nights rest in the opulent bed, not only was it king size, the covers were undoubtedly Egyptian Cotton and the bed a Duxiana 818! Despite wanting to jump in it there and then, taking a nap so early would be a disservice to the amazing building – as there is so much more to explore. Not only of the manor and beautiful grounds, but the culinary journey we were about to partake in. The high ceiling bedroom was suitably grand and entwined with an open lounge area.  The bathroom was luxurious with wonderfully fluffy towels, an array of products and a bath that I couldn’t wait to get into.

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Heading to dinner as we were blessed with a beautiful day, we opted to sit on the patio overlooking the perfectly kept gold cigar and lake. The latter was surround by ducks.   However, maybe we were a little too quick to sit outside, as the air had a chill in it. So inside we went, where comfortable red velvet seats awaited. The roasted Mediterranean soup was the perfect palate opener do the main course. The arctic char fish was divinely flaky and the potatoes lightly roasted.

Walking down the grand wooden carved staircase made me wonder who may of walked and even glided down them over the years, not that I have heard any ghost stories as yet. The landing of the beautiful staircase overlooks the reception lounge, which in keeping with the Jacobean style. Intricate tapestries adorn the walls and opulent chandeliers hang from the ceiling. The lounge also boasts elegantly carved walls and huge open fireplace. It looks as if it once was the grand fall where Masters of the house used to feast. The staircase windows are stained with crests, perhaps from the family who owned this luscious manor.

As we headed back to our bedroom, the bed was calling our name. A nice touch was returning to the duvet turned town, a chocolate on the pillow and soothing classical music playing. The Duxiana bed is handcrafted, which is probably why it felt so good.

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After a long and amazing sleep in our wonderful bed, we decided to be lazy and order breakfast in bed. Not only is the luscious bed great for a good nights sleep, the Lumie Iris 500 clock combines the benefits of a gradual sunset and sunrise with aromatherapy, with separate aromatherapy chambers for relaxing bedtime oil and invigorating morning scent to enhance your sleep and wake-up light therapy. You so drift off to sleep and wake up naturally. We all know a good nights sleep can help improve your skin and I am a fan of having 8 hours a night, Rajuenir moisture serum will help keep it smooth.
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As it arrived wafts of fresh coffee filled the air. It has to be said though dragging ourselves out of Duxiana bed wasn’t an easy task. The venue us romantic, the history is exciting and the sleep heavenly.

DUX beds are crafted from the finest materials including a steel spring system with twice as many springs as a normal bed, the strongest northern pinewood, natural latex foam and organic cotton with an exceptionally high thread count.  The design of the springs and the type of steel is the fruit of years of research and testing.  Every spring is calibrated to provide a precise degree of lift to counteract a predetermined level of weight.   This all results in a better sleep experience and better back health.

Hanbury Manor, Ware, Heartfordshire, SG12 OSD – 01920 487722

Heart London, 5 * Review

Bedroom 5

Bed 5

Service 4

Scenery 5

Decor 5

Food 4

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