BEAUTY – Keeping your skin moisturised and fresh all winter long

Winter air causes damage to our skin, leaving us in need of a little a little helping hand to keep it looking fresh. Heart London Magazine have tried out some face skin cleansers and lotions for you, to get you through the winter, here are some that we love and think you will love too!

BrAun Face, World’s 1st, Cleansing brush and Mini epilator 

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BrAun have created the perfect two in one beauty product: a cleansing brush and mini epilator in one! Beauty sometimes need a little helping hand and cleaning those nasty pores, can help brighten and soften your skin. The cleansing brush is soft on the skin, but firm enough to know it is working. The mini epilator can save you time and help get rid of those little hairs that pop up on your face exactly where you don’t want them. It even comes with a handy little bag and a mirror with a light. You can even use this amazing little device in the shower, so help your lady or man keep their face beautiful with BrAun’s Cleansing brush and Mini epilatorYou can even use this amazing little device in the shower, so help your lady or man keep their face beautiful with BrAun’s Cleansing brush and Mini epilator. BrAun Face cleaner can prepare your face to cleanse and moisturise, it feels like a massage for your face and when used for a few minutes, you can see noticeable results – fresher and plumper looking skin! The epilator removes even the finest hairs, keeping your face hair free.

Available at Boots, for £59.99


Organic Surge Natural Cleanser

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This beautiful face cleanser smells divine and some of the luscious ingredients include calming chamomile, energising lemon oil and green tea. The cream sinks into your skin easily and cleanses beautifully, leaving your face feeling and looking fresh. We love that this cleanser is a blend of naturally derived ingredients and certified organic extracts. They don’t test on animals, another great reason to use this wonderful product.

Available at, for £13.95


Organic Surge brightening hot cloth cleanserScreenshot 2015-11-28 17.45.39

This cleanser is made for normal to dry, or mature skin and followed on from the Organic Surge Natural Cleanser, ensures your face will be totally free from impurities and naturally cleansed. The cream helps rejuvenate the skin with essential oils and moisturisers. Used with the BrAun cleansing brush, your skin really glows. This cream is easy to use, you  simply massage it into you skin and wipe it off with a hot cloth. A little goes a long way from this organic product and it too, is great value for money.

Available at, for £13.95


sk:n Vitamin-Rich Cleanser for normal or combination

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Cleansing using soap can alter the pH levels of some skins, causing the skin to become dry, which in turn may result in the skin producing more oil to counteract the dryness. sk:n Vitamin-Rich Cleanser is neutral smelling cream, created with evening primrose pol, allantoin and vitamin A, C & E. This product removes make up and grime easily, leaving your skin fresh and clean. The cleanser is fortified with age fighting vitamins and antioxidants, to help keep you looking young.

Available at for £10.50


Screenshot 2015-11-28 17.47.07Aldi’s Lacura Multi-Intensive Serum

Lacura serum smells delightful and sinks into the skin with ease. This serum helps reduce fine lines and wrinkles. You could be fooled this is a high end product as the results are noticeable, but it is only £3.49! The special combination of ingredients includes Vitamins E and C, Shea Butter and Macadamia Nut Oil to help your skin feel fresh and well moisturised. A bargain that actually works!

Available at Aldi, for £3.49


Cat, Heart London Magazine