BEAUTY – How to look younger within a week!

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They say 40 is the new 30 and although I don’t know how you are ‘meant’ to feel in your 40’s, for me that statement rings true. Although to be honest, I still feel like I am 20! Right up until her last days my mother was the life of the party, looked 10 years younger and never acted her age, so maybe I am a chip off the old block. My grandma also looked 10 years younger, so being mistaken for being in my 30’s – when I am actually 43 is partly due to my genes. I can’t pretend though that I don’t want a little helping hand, why grow old gracefully, when you can grow older and not look it?

Fine lines can be reduced with creams and potions, but the only true way to get rid of them completely, is with a wrinkle relaxer. With so many horror stories of frozen faces and one eyebrow being much higher than the other, you have to chose carefully who you let touch your face. When I read that NaturaSKIN clinics treatments are all performed by fully trained and qualified clinicians, I thought I would give it a try. When I met with Dr Jasmeet K Baxi she made me feel instantly relaxed, she talked me through the procedure step by step and took the time to numb my face. The wrinkle relaxer was slowly injected into my face and Dr Baxi was very gentle, so I hardly felt it.

I actually felt my face tightening the same day, which is testament to the quality of the product that Dr Baxi and NaturaSKIN use. Within a few days my lines were almost gone and within a week they had disappeared completely. Friends actually commented on how good I looked and they didn’t even know I had done a thing! I think it is okay to enhance your beauty, as long as it still looks natural.

If you are looking to get rid of those pesky lines and look younger, I fully recommend you go to NaturaSKIN to do so. You will be well looked after and within days look amazing!

Wrinkle relaxing is a non-surgical treatment to help improve and relax the lines and wrinkles that appear along the forehead and eye region, resulting in an improved overall radiance and look of the face. It is mainly used to resolve the following: Frown lines, Horizontal forehead lines, Crows feet. It can also be used to help treat hyperhidrosis, bunny lines (bridge of the nose), mouth depressors and platysmal bands.

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