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It is that time to again to put on your party dresses, favourite dancing shoes, maybe even a silly Santa hat and enjoy Christmas parties. We always want to look our best and looking beautiful isn’t just down to the dress you wear, so we have picked some our of favourite beauty goodies to keep you looking good, from head to toe.


Wet Brush-Pro
holidayCurly hair is very difficult to deal with and can tangle easily, although brushing your hair with conditioner can help fight off those tangles. Many brushes stick in curly hair and although the Wet brush-pro isn’t created just for curly hair, it certainly feels like it has been when you use it. This easy to use brush glides through curly hair with ease, keeping those knots at bay and ensuring your hair remains beautiful and sleek. They have also created a Lil’ Wet Brush which is as cute as the name, the brush can be attached to your keys or handbags, perfect for a night out on the town.

Wet Brush-Pro available at Look Fantastic for £13.99

Lil’ Wet Brush available at Look Fantastic for £7.99


imgresMaria Nila Argan Oil 

The nourishing Argan Oil from Maria Nila softens, moisturizes, strengthens your hair and it eliminates frizz. The lightness of the gel helps it absorb into the hair quickly. It has a pleasant and light scent and is paraben free. The bottle is easy to us and just a few drops creates the perfect, frizz free hairstyle.

Available at Sally Express for £21.00




Andrew Barton Hair Brushes 

Andrew Barton is known for his great hair products and especially his hair brush collection. Heart London decided to test out some of the brushes for you; the Miracle Frizz Tamer, the Angel 2 in 1 handbag brush and the Natural Bristles.

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.41.54

The Miracle Frizz Tamer brush creates smooth frizz Free locks, due to the Tourmaline gem stones, which prevent a static build up. The brush can be used for all hair types. No need to straighten your hair every day to get rid of frizzy hair, which means more sleep for you in the morning!!

The Handbag Angel 2 in 1 is an easy to go folding brush and comb. The brush and comb enable you to style your hair at any time. The combination of these two brushes also enable you to create hair with volume.

The Natural Bristles brush is designed for short to mid hair. It creates a beautiful shine to your hair and stimulates hair growth. It’s perfect for creating volume for short to mid hair.

Brushes available at Andrew Barton.

Miracle Frizz Tamer £6.50

Handbag Angel 2 in 1 £4.50

Natural Bristles £8.00



Maybe you feel in the mood to flutter those eyelashes and kiss under the mistletoe, but you don’t have many lashes to flutter? Sometimes beauty needs a helping hand, as a full set of eyelashes can make your eyes really stand out. Here are some sure fire ways to ensure your eyes will look beautiful and your lashes perfect.

Kiss True Volume Eyelashes

We love the Kiss eyScreenshot 2015-12-14 23.43.55elashes, they have an amazing range of eyelashes that are long, but still look natural. If you are the type of girl or women who likes people to wonder if your falsies are really your own, then you will love these lashes. We love both the Ritzy and Chic lashes, although if you want something a little fuller – they have an option for you. True Volume lashes are made from 100% natural hair and are tapered at the ends to blend seamlessly with your natural lashes. The lashes come with glue, attach easily and can be reused, keeping your eyelashes pretty all party season long.

Available at Boots, £4.99


Eye Candy Eyelashes

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.44.46If you feel in the mood to be glamorous and catch the eye of everyone in the room, Eye Candy have created the perfect lashes for you. Your lashes will look full and your eyes will stand out, style 301 is made from double layered lashes to create a long, black and full lash look. They also come with glue, are easy to apply and are sure to get you into the party mood. These wonderful lashes would look amazing with smoky eye make up and red lipstick, really making you the bell of the ball.

Available at Sainsbury’s for £3.00


Silk Argan Fibre Lash Mascara

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.45.48If you prefer not to wear false lashes, but still love the elongated lash look, Silk Fibre Lash Mascara have the perfect mascara for you. The Silk mascara set comes in a beautifully designed black and gold case, just as beautiful as your eyelashes will look when you wear the mascara. They really are lash extensions in a bottle and you will love the results. Coat your eyelashes with the mascara and follow up with the fibre. The tiny brush on fibres are black and blend well with the mascara, which is infused with Cold Pressed Certified Organic Argan Oil, leaving you with beautiful long lashes in seconds.

Available at Silk of Morocco for £29.95


Twoperfect Eyelashes

Twoperfect have created a stylish range of beautiful lashes that you can wear again and again. They look very natural and ensure your eyes stand out beautifully. If you like the natural look you will absolutely adore Twoperfect’s Ainhoa eyelashes, they are part of their day range and are made from luxurious silk. What is great about these amazing lashes is you don’t need to add mascara, giving you the perfect lash look with ease. They are made a little longer in width, so you can cut them to your size, but do so bit by bit – so you don’t cut off too much at once. If you would like more of a dramatic evening look, then you will fall in love with the Twoperfect Daria lashes, they are 3D and made of mink. The mink feels and looks divine, wearing them you can’t help feeling special and they will ensure they put the perfect finishing touches to your party look. The lashes come in a beautiful box, that will help keep them dust free when you are not wearing them. If you care for them well, you can wear them up to 25 times, so they don’t just look amazing, they are excellent value for money!

Ainhoa available at Twoperfect for £24.99

Screenshot 2015-12-16 10.43.00

Daria available at Twoperfect for £34.99

Screenshot 2015-12-16 10.41.54


Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.46.38

Eye Candy Mega Lash Mascara

The Mega Lash 3 in 1 Mascara will give you those sexy long and thick eyelashes every woman dreams about and is a fantastic ‘Party Perfect’ product for you. The mascara contains fibers that will create long and voluptuous lashes. The mascara also contains lash growth serum, which will nourish your eyelashes while slowly stimulating your natural eyelash length.

Available at Boots for £19.99



Joan Collins Nail Lacquer – Amanda

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.47.39Get your nails party perfect with ‘Nail Lacquer’ by Joan Collins. With a broad collection of beautiful matte colours, will make you party ready in no time. The long tapered cap makes it very easy to apply the nail polish.  Applying the polish is a breeze, it doesn’t go streaky or patchy, dries quickly and gives a smooth glossy finish.

Available at Joan Collins Beauty for £13.00


China Glaze ‘Ring in the New Year’ nail varnish pack

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.49.04China Glaze are treating us to a cute little nail polish pack, made especially for New Years Eve. The pack consists of three nail polishes and a golden ring with ‘cheers’ on it. The New Year’s pack includes the Better Not Pout, Son of A Nutcracker and Bring On The Bubbly nail polish. The nail polish dries quickly and has a glossy finish. The third colour; Bring On The Bubbly, is a gleaming gold glitter polish and will give you party perfect nails during the holiday season.

Available at Sally Express for £12.99




Look Good Feel Better The Makeover Brush Set

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.50.20Picking the right make up brushes is just as important as choosing the right make up for you. These brushes really are aptly named, as they do feel great when you use them. The bristles are soft and glide over your face easily, ensuring you make up looks natural. The set includes the following beautiful brushes: Protective pouch, Powder Brush, Finishing Brush, Tapered Blending Brush & Detail Brush. Another great reason to buy them is they are made by the Look Good Feel better charity, which supports women and children struggling with the side effects of cancer treatment.

Available at Boots for £29.99






Arbonne, Smoothed Over Lipstick – Poppy

Red lipstick can set of your party outfit and can be the finishing touch to Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.51.17evening make up. Arbonne have created a smooth and creamy lipstick, that slides easily onto the lips and creates a red sheen. The colour is a lovely bright red, just as we think a red lipstick should be. It gives you full coverage and doesn’t dry out your lips, giving you a highly moisturising finish. It’s infused with fruit extracts derived from watermelon and apples to help create a lip volumising and plumping effect.  We love this lipstick, Arbonne poppy gets a huge thumbs up from us!

Available at Arbonne for @£20


In The Buff Mineral Eyeshadow 

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.52.06You won’t be able to help but draw attention to your eyes with the beautiful stand out eyes shadows, created by In The Buff. They specialise in 100% natural makeup, which is Vegan friendly & Cruelty free! The eyeshadows have strong pigments that blend easily, including these exciting colours; Azure, Mermaid, Golden Bloom and Purple Rain. These sexy eye shadows will allow you to create beautiful make up looks, that last all day and night, and a small amount comes a long way.

Available at In The Buff for £9.50


UltraDex Fresh Breath Oral Spray

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.52.52Stay fresh all night long with UltraDex Fresh Breath Oral Spray. You can stay kissable with a little help from UltraDex. It has a pleasant, light, mint taste and does you only need to spray a little at a time. This handy breath freshener also protects your teeth and gums, but killing bacteria that can cause teeth decay. It also breath fresh for a long time and the small design means you can pop one in your bag, so you can party all night long knowing your breath will smell as fresh as a daisy.

Available at Tesco for £3.50



Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.53.45Creating a professional foundation finish has never been so easy with Beautyblender. This revolutionary makeup sponge applicator that has no sharp edges and it blends your foundation flawlessly. In addition, Beautyblender has added a micro green sponge to the collection. The mini version is made for the smaller areas such as the under eye and inner eye corner, top of the cheeks and acne spots.

Available at Beautyblender for £16.00


Fibre Brow Enhancer

The Fibre Brow enhancer acts as instant brush-on brow extensions. This incredible beauty must-have is perfect for thickening, lengthening and filling in your brows to create the perfect eyebrow. This works by sculpting the eyebrow with tiny fibres combined with an ultra-fine formulated powder. Get beautiful shaped eyebrows in seconds!

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.54.53

Available at Boots for £19.99


Wunder2 – Wonderbrow

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.55.40Wunderbrow will get your brows party perfect in less than two minutes and amazing product will let those perfect eyebrows last for days!   The  one-step Hair Fibre Complex and patented technology helps to define, fill in and shape your brows in a natural way, whilst colouring them. The package consists of the gel and a separate brush similar to a mascara brush.  It’s water proof and comes in many shades.

Available at Wunder 2 for £19.95


Jamela Luxurious Gold Crystal Collagen Facial Masks

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.56.26The 24k gold masks are made from natural ingredients including Mineral Gold, Hyaluronic Acid, Rose Oil, Collagen and Oats Beta Glucan, which help increase your moisture saturation level by a whopping 92%. The mask is also packed with Irish Moss, Betaine, Liquorice Root Extract and Olive Oil, to replenish, refresh, rejuvenate and nourish the skin. This beautiful treatment comes in packs of 5 and is ready to place on your face from fresh the packet. There are no messy creams to wipe off and the rose smell is divine. Be sure to relax when you put the mask on, as moving around could make it tear. They beautifully feel cool on your face and although they recommend you wear the mask for a minimum of 30 minutes, you will probably want to keep it on for longer. After use, your face glows and your skin feels naturally plump. This mask will help your face get ready for the party season and equally as they are so cooling, they would be perfect to help you get over a hazy head after a little too much party indulgence the night before.

Available at Jamela Skincare for £49.50


Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Brush Collection

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.58.37Joan Collins has a range of beautiful brushes that help your face look beautiful, there is a range of 6 and they are made from goat or sable hair. They are beautifully soft and create even brush strokes, leaving you with perfectly even make up. The 6 brushes in the collection are: Eye Shadow Brush, Lip Brush, Concealer Brush, Blusher Brush, Eye Shadow Brush and Powder Brush. The bristles are held securely with a gold coloured ferrule and the wooden handle is shaped to fit comfortably in the hand and give balance to give control, giving you that perfect party look every time! Now you can look as good at Joan Collins, at any age.

Available at Joan Collins Beauty £14.o0 each


Anatomicals Face Masks

Screenshot 2015-12-14 23.59.31Give your skin a treat with the Anatomicals Face Mask Pack. As with most anatomical products the packaging is simple, bright and with a witty product name that makes it fun to use. The pack comes with two disposable masks, a hydrating rose mask and a purifying tea tree mask. Both masks have a faint rose (the hydrating rose mask) and tea scent (the purifying tea tree mask). They feel really cool on your face, when you remove the mask you are left with a gel, which feels divine when you massage it into your face.


Available at ASOS for £4.00


Quickies Eye Make Up Remover Pads

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.00.07We all know that taking your make up off before we go to bed keeps your skin fresh and usually spot free, but taking it off after a late night party can be such a palava. Quickies have created make up remover pads that are enriched with flower extract and moisturising oil to help soothe and cleanse the delicate eye area. No need to use two different make up removers, as they amazing little pads work for the whole face. They are gentle and don’t feel oily, so you can take off your make up easily and jump in that welcome bed. They are small enough to pop in your handbag, perfect for those days you are on the go.

Available in a pack of 30, at Superdrug for £2.99


Anatomicals Puffy The Eye Bag Slayer

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.00.58It isn’t just the name of this essential product that will make you smile. After cleansing your face, you place the gel pads gently after each eye. These easy to use pads are great for reducing puffiness and dark circles under the eye. As soon as you put them on and you can feel the moisture seep into your skin. They are comfortable to wear, you almost forget you have them on. If you have been to one to many Christmas parties and are looking a little worse for wear, these handy patches can help revitalise your delicate skin around the eyes. They come in packs of three, should be worn for 30 minutes and will leave you with visible results.

Available at Amazon for £6.99


Vaseline Lip Therapy

Keeping you lips soft during winter can be quite the feat, as they really battle all the elements. We are big fans of Vaseline lip therapy, not only for keeping your lips moisturised and protected, but adding a little sheen on top of your lip stick. We can’t leave the house without one tucked in our bags and they are market leaders for a reason. They have created a Vaseline Sugar Coated lip therapy, which is perfect for the party season, it smooths on your lips easily and adds a little sparkle. We also love the Vaseline Rosy lips, which smells divine and gives your lips a slight lip tint, whilst keeping them soft and Vaseline with added Aloe Vera. If you want a kiss under the mistletoe this year, don’t forget your Vaseline lip therapy.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.01.59

Available at Boots for £2.99



Joan Collins Timeless Beauty Contra Time Luxury Body Lotion

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.02.27Joan Collins has looked beautiful throughout the years and has created luxury beauty collection for women. The Contra Time body lotion is created with the light and flowery ‘I am Woman’ fragrance, which sinks into your skin easily. The bottle is as pretty as the gold and white packaging, it has been created in glass and gold. The richly moisturising body lotion contains SPF 15 to protect the skin and improves elasticity. This luxurious body lotion is perfect for all ages, keeping your skin beautiful and moisturised.

Available at Joan Collins beauty for £37.50



Fun Desigual Eau de toilette

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.03.00Fun Desigual Eau de toilette smells fruit and when you see the ingredients of this beautiful fragrance you can understand why, it is made with these fragrances pear, white peach, cranberry, passion fruit, violet, peony; sandalwood and teak wood. The name of this perfume is ‘Fun’ and it is not just the smell that oozes fun, the beautiful bottle has been designed with rainbow colours.

Available at Desigual for £29.00



Sure invisible Black + White

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.03.46Smelling great is as important as looking good and keeping fresh when you in the dancing mood is a must. We have always been a fan of Sure deodorant and just perfect for the party season, is the Sure invisible Black + White. They have created a compressed version, which lasts longer and fits easily in your bag. The invisible Black and White does not leave any nasty marks on your clothes, so your little black dress will stay black all night long. This lovely deodorant gives you 48h protection, is Dermatologically tested and Alcohol free, so you can dance worry free all night long.

Available at Boots for £2.10



BeautyLab Peptide Tanning Instant Colour Mousse

Screenshot 2015-12-15 10.00.10BeautyLab tanning mouse comes in an easy pump container and the mousse itself is very easy to apply evenly. You can see the colour when you apply it on your skin, which makes it easier not to miss anywhere and leave any white patches. This lovely tanning product almost has a light lemon smell to it, but it is actually the delightful scents of rainforest cocoa, rose petal, jasmine and passion flower, as well as a hint of guava and melon. The mousse dries relatively quickly, but will all tanning lotions – it makes sense to stand like a scarecrow for a few minutes to let it dry evenly. The shade darkens slightly and leaves a beautiful natural looking tan, with no orange in sight!

Available at Beautylab for £18.00



Egyptian Magic All Purpose Skin Cream

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.04.20Egyptian Magic Cream is a multi-purpose cream and we are convinced that it does indeed contain magic! The cream is made out of 6 natural products such as olive oil, beeswax, royal jelly, propolis and bee pollen. It contains moisturising, nourishing and healing goods to reduce and erase problematic areas. The cream can be used under your eyes, hair, lips, neck, arms and legs. This product leaves you with moisturised and glowing skin. Besides that, this piece of magic in a jar can be used against skin problems such as eczema or acne.

Available at Boots for £29.00


Arbonne Liquid Sunshine Tinted Self Tanner

Screenshot 2015-12-16 11.09.32It isn’t just the name of this lovely product you love, the product is equally amazing and sunshine in a bottle. The tanner has a beautiful fresh scent, so you can enjoy a lovely tan, without that old ‘fake tan’ smell. It absorbs into your skin easily and is best applied with a tanning mitt. The tan is very even and natural looking, without a hint of orange insight – leaving just as the name implies, a sun kissed glow. It fades naturally and lasts almost a week, so you can get the perfect party look in minutes and it will last for days.

Available at Arbonne for £33.00



Dove Derma Spa – Summer Revived, body lotion with self tanners

Dove have created a body lotion and self tanner in one, the cream itself sinks into the skin very easily and smells great. The bottle is beautiful and is coated in shimmery gold. You won’t have to worry about squeezing the last bit out of this bottle, as it is very easy to use. Thet recognise that one shade doesn’t suit all and have created two versions, one for fair to medium skin and one for medium to dark. This product is excellent value and develops gradually, giving you a light, natural looking tan and moisturising your skin at the same time.

Screenshot 2015-12-15 10.10.47

Available at Boots for £6.99


Pure Body Butters 

Get your skin nourished and help it glow with Pure Body Butters. This amazing product comes in three different body butters;

* Cocoa Butter & Apricot Oil (perfect for scars and stretch marks)

* Shea Butter & Apricot Oil (perfect for wrinkles and chapped skin)

* Cocoa & Shea Butter (perfect to protect and soften the skin)

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.05.26

These 100% pure butters have a thick creamy texture that absorbs easily in to the skin. The moisturisers have a nice light chocolate scent and offer the solutions wrinkles, scars, stretch marks and soft skin. They are excellent value for money, handmade and 100% natural.

Available at Pure Body Butters from £4.00



Scholl Party Feel Invisible Gel Heel Shields

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.05.58Every outfit looks better with heels, they change how you stand and elongate your legs. Heels look great, but worn for extended periods of time can really cause problems with your feet and coming home with blisters can really spoil your night. Scholl have created a great range of gels to help get you through the night. We love the Party Feel Invisible Heel Shields, they stop your shoes slipping so you can walk tall and not worry about your shoe being left behind on the pavement, when you walk off. The gel is springy and comfortable on your heels, enabling you to dance all night long, without worrying about your feet.

Available at Boots, for £4.99




Superdrug Intensive Foot Cream

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.06.36We tend to forget about our feet in the winter, but this is probably a time that they need the most care. Superdrug created a luscious foot cream, that smells slightly of mint and soothes those tired feet. The texture is very creamy, but it sinks well into the skin and contains Aloe Vera with Vitamin B5. The directions are to smooth the cream into your feet, but I added a little extra and placed socked over them. After leaving the cream on all night, I woke up to baby soft feet, ready for those dancing shoes.

Available at Superdrug for £3.49


Superdrug Gel Sore Sports

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.07.08The Sore Spots invisible gel from Superdrug will allow you wear those high heels all night long. The clear gel spots (6 in one package) do indeed give relief to sore spots, ensuring wearing your favourite shoes will never be a problem again. The packet is small, so they are perfect to keep in your bag during a night out and provide invisible gel cushioning for immediate relief of sore spots caused by shoes rubbing.

Available at Superdrug for £2.50


Superdrug Exfoliating Foot Scrub 

Screenshot 2015-12-15 00.08.28The Exfoliating Foot Scrub has a delightful and light smell. The cream contains Jojoba Seed, which is a natural exfoliant and Aloe Vera, which helps sooth dry skin. This foot scrub is easy to use and creates visible results, ensuring your feet stay soft and ready to pop in those party shoes. Superdrug’s exfoliating foot scrub is also amazing value for money and a little goes a long way, so you can keep those feet party perfect all year long.

Available at Superdrug for £3.49