DRINK – Struggling with ‘Dry January’? Try a protein-packed mocktail instead


Limited edition sweet & savoury mocktail features CRUGA BILTONG on the menu at SEVEN AT BRIXTON

With biltong set to be a health trend of 2016 and savoury cocktails continuing to top menus across the capital, Cruga Biltong has partnered with Seven at Brixton to reinvent the classic Gin & Tonic for those who have decided to take on ‘Dry January’.

The tasty new ’Bil & Tonic’ offers customers an exciting alternative to the traditional mocktail that is both sweet and savoury, engaging all the senses. Made from zingy lemon and lime, Cruga Biltong infused sugar syrup and topped with earthy Cinchona Tonic Water, this is a taste sensation with a difference. Not only does the ‘Bil and Tonic’ satisfy the taste buds but it also packs a punch of protein with every sip due to the exclusive Cruga Biltong Peppered Beef rim.

This limited edition mocktail is available throughout January at Seven at Brixton for just £4.00. But for those who want to try this at home Cruga Biltong has revealed the secret ingredients and methods to recreate it.

Ingredients: Per Serving


·      10ml fresh lemon juice

·      15ml lime juice

·      10ml Gomme infused with Cruga Biltong

·      200ml Cinchona Tonic Water

·      Ground Cruga Biltong Peppered Beef

·      Slice of lime

·      Ice cubes



·      Tumbler glass

·      2 Small plates



·      Pour the Gomme infused with Cruga Biltong on one of the small plates, enough to cover it

·      Finely the chop or blitz the Cruga Biltong Peppered Beef in a blender and pour onto the second plate

·      Dip the rim of the tumbler glass on the plate with the Gomme and then onto the plate with the ground Biltong Peppered Beef so that is sticks

·      Fill the tumbler glass with ice cubes and leave to one side

·      Pour the Gomme infused with Cruga Biltong, lemon and lime juice into a shaker, top with ice and shake for 10 seconds

·      Strain and pour the mixture over the ice and top with a bottle of Cinchona Tonic Water

·      Garnish with a slice of lime and serve