PREGNANCY – Products to help you get through the first trimester

Pregnancy is a joyful time, but in the first few months sore boobs, all day sickness, heartburn and aches can plague you. To help you get through those first few difficult months, we have discovered some amazing products to help make your early pregnancy a little easier.


For those ladies who suffer from morning sickness, or all day sickness as it has been for me, getting through each day can be tough. Sea-Band have created acupuncture arm bands that ease your sickness! They are made of cotton and comfortable to wear, with a little plastic acupuncture circle, that lays on your wrist to ease sickness. There are no side effects and they are completely natural. For my worst days, these little beauties really were a gift from heaven!


Sea-Band £8.59, available at, they are also available in Boots. Both the adult and child versions are priced at £8.59



The best kind of cure is prevention and although I am sure you there isn’t a miracle cure to completely avoid stretch marks, there are some amazing products on the market to help keep your skin supple and reduce those unwanted marks.

I am already a fan of Palmer’s Cocoa Butter as a body cream, the smell is delicious and the results amazing, so I was excited to hear they have created a great range of products especially designed to fight stretch marks. Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for stretch marks is made with shea butter, argan oil and almond oil, it contains collagen and hastin. This beautiful cream smooths into the skin easily and leaves it beautifully soft, a great way to fight stretch marks. Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.37.20

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Lotion for stretch marks 250ml £2.19, available at Boots


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Firming Butter contains Shea Butter, Collagen, Elastin and Vitamin E. The skin feels tighter after each use and it too sinks easily into the skin. It has a lighter smell than the massage lotion and a slightly lighter texture.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Massage Firming Butter 315ml £3.33, available at Boots


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter has been created especially for your tummy during pregnancy and it contains Argan Pil, Almond oil, Collagin, Elastin and Soothings Lavendar. This cream is created in an easy access round little tub and smells a little different to the trademark Palmer’s Cocoa Butter products. The lavender fragrance is subtle, whist the cream light and very easy to apply. This “solid” Tummy Butter is an ultra-concentrated night-time treatment specifically designed for pregnancy stretch marks.

Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Tummy Butter 125g £4.49, available at Boots


Creating something for everyone the Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil, is created as a light spray which contains Cocoa Butter, Vitamin E, Cetesomate-E, Rosehip Oil and can help reduce the appearance of stretch marks. The oil can also be used for scars, dry skin, uneven skintone and fine lines.


Palmer’s Cocoa Butter Skin Therapy Oil 150ml £6.66, available at Boots


The Science of Skin Stretch Mark Defence is very easy to use, you simply spray it on the skin and massage it in. It is fragrance free, which is great for those will smell aversions and sprays as on as a light oil, which is easy to rub in. This formulation works by combining active green tea extracts, highly moisturising natural ingredients and vitamins C and E.

BABY Defence_For_Stretch_02 Cut Out

The Science of Skin Stretch Mark Defence is £24.99 and available at


The Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil smells divine and slides perfectly into your skin. They use only pure natural ingredients to protect your skin and support it through the changes. With sweet almond oil, vitamin E rich wheatgerm oil and extract of organic arnica to prevent stretch marks forming, and precious oils of rose, neroli, myrrh and frankincense unfolding a delicate perfume.

Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil

Weleda Stretch Mark Massage Oil £15.95 for 100ml, available at


The remescar silicone scar cream is formulated to help prevent stretch marks and can be used on the things, breasts and abdomen. The silicone based cream has a light fragrance and leaves a lovely light shimmer to your skin. The cream releases a long lasting protective film that covers the affected skin, moisturizing and reconstructive ingredients will generate immediate and long term hydration of the skin, and optimize the skin’s natural moisture balance.


remescar silicone scar cream £24.99, available at Boots



Monique Hart has created the Bleeding Hart candle & mist’ collection, a collection that blends the therapeutic benefits of the purest botanical essential oils that work on energy levels to restore the balance of body, mind and spirit, as well as aid a good nights sleep and keep the air smelling divine. The beautiful candle is complemented by the Bleeding Hart Mist, which can be used as a face mist or on your pillow to help you relax at night. The products are 100% natural, so you can rest assured they are safe for the baby and you!

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.46.07

Bleeding Hart Mists and Bleeding Hart Candles, £29 each or £55, for a set.


Bath times have always been an important part of my life, there is nothing that feels quite as special as candlelight and slipping into a warm bubble bath. During pregnancy taking a moment for yourself to relax is essential and a bath is a great way to do so. Power Health have created a great range of Epsom Salts to suit your mood, Relaxing Lavender, which is my absolute favourite, especially before bed, as it relaxes you and prepares you for sleep. The Invigorating Lemongrass, for those days when the baby has taken all your energy and you really need a boost. The Detoxing Lemon leaves you refreshed and rejuvenated, while the Warming Sweet Orange is a perfect stress reliever and all over body warmer.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.48.05

Power Health Epsom Salts £3.99, available at



From the moment you find out you are carrying a bundle of joy or beforehand if you are planning for a baby, pregnancy vitamins are a must. It can be overwhelming how many there are on the market, but we discovered what we feel are simply the best!

Zita West has created a set of pregnancy vitamins especially designed for each trimester. The Zita West Essence 1, was created for the first trimester. You take one, 3 times a day and their formula formula contains, amongst many other things, Folate, to help support normal cell division, blood formation and healthy tissue growth, and Zinc, to help protect maternal DNA.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.49.04

Zita West Vital Essence 1, £26.50 per month, available at


Bare Biology have created Bump & Glory an Omega 3 supplement for pregnancy and breastfeeding.   The Omega 3 balances hormones and reduces inflammation in the womb, it prevents post natal depression and Is excellent for the development of babies’ eyes, brain and nervous system.  Omega 3 fish oil by Bare Biology is the only one in the UK with a 5 star rating from IFOS for its purity, freshness and strength; it has the highest levels of fatty acids EPA & DHA, is completely free from heavy metals & other nasty contaminants and it’s fresh, so it tastes good & is easy to digest.


Bump and Glory is £32 for 2 months, available at Space NK, Liberty, Whole Foods, Revital and Nutricentre


Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Prenatal DHA is great for you and baby providing nutritional support before, during, and after pregnancy. DHA also helps to support fetal and (breastfeeding) infant brain, eye, and nerve development. DHA supplementation also helps increase your level of breast milk. They are formulated well, so there is no after taste and they are mercury free. They recommend you take two a day.


Wiley’s Finest Wild Alaskan Fish Oil Prenatal DHA 600 mg is £22.50 and available at Whole Foods Market, Revital, As Nature Intended, other independent Natural Food Stores and


Health Plus Pregnancy Multivitamin is a formulation of 25 essential vitamins and minerals to safeguard nutrient intake for both mother and baby. Several times the strength of regular supermarket one-a-day multivitamins and high in Folic Acid and other nutrients essential for proper foetal development, it is excellent value for money ay only £5.95.


Health Plus Pregnancy Multivitamin £5.95 for a month, available at



My breasts are already two sizes bigger and very sore, bras are not fitting and the last thing I want to wear is a lace bra.

Cantaloop have created a great range of maternity underwear that is both comfortable and cute, so you don’t have to sacrifice style for comfort. The Cantaloop Over-Tummy Pregnancy Briefs are soft to the touch comfortable to wear, they fit over the smallest bump and have plenty of room for growth. The tummy cover, helps you feel more secure, as your growing bump feels protected in these amazing maternity briefs.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.52.40

Cantaloop Over-Tummy Pregnancy Briefs £26.00, available at Boots and John Lewis.



The Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra is equally soft and supports those uncomfortable breasts, the fabric is breathable and there is plenty of room for your breasts to grow. The integrated Y back strap helps support your heavy breasts and there are no irritating seams, leaving you in pure comfort.


Cantaloop Pregnancy Bra £24.00, available at Boots and John Lewis.


Anita Maternity have created a beautifully soft maternity bustier that supports you well and allows for growth, due to the gathered stretch fabric at the front. If you can’t bare your breasts touching anything, this bustier is great to sleep in too and give support to your swollen breasts. The bustier is seamless and covered in pretty polka dots, perfectly created to give some comfort to those sore breasts.


Anita Maternity Bustier £26.00, available at



Strangely for me, morning sickness feels better when I eat. Although, eating for two is not deemed to be a great idea, so finding healthy snacks that you can carry in your bag, can help you get through those rough days.

Chika’s Plaintain Crisps have a subtle hint of chill, which is perfectly paired with the fresh and crunchy plantain.  These are a very tasty snack and a healthy alternative to crisps, with just as much flavour.


Chika’s Plaintain Crisps £1.19, available at


Chika’s Smoked Almonds are infused with North and West African spices and really create a party in your taste buds. This powerful combination creates a smoky flavoured, most decadent nut experience.  High in protein, and vitamin E, and with no artificial flavouring or colouring, this is a nutritious snack.


Chika’s Smoked Almonds £1.49/£3.39, available at


The Living Food Kitchen, Inca Berry & Pumpkin Seed coconut flapjack is full of flavor and balances well the hint of coconut, with the rich Inca berry. It tastes divine and a little goes a long way. They are dairy free, sugar free and gluten free, a healthy delicious snack that is perfect for pregnancy or anyone who enjoys a healthy diet. The Living Food Kitchen, Cacao and Date coconut flapjack provides subtle taste of cacao well with the coconut, providing a moreish and tasty snack.  It isn’t too sweet and is perfect when you feel like a little hungry.

Screen Shot 2016-05-09 at 21.47.29

The Living Food and Kitchen’s flapjacks £1.99, available at Wholefoods, Planet Organic and Selfridges.


Ombar – Cranberry and Mandarin chocolate shares the flavour of the orange, which melts through the rich chocolate, this tasty snack isn’t too sweet and melts in your mouth with a burst of flavour. The Ombar – Lemon and Green Tea, provides a rich chocolaty flavour with a welcome zesty kick. The deliciously creamy raw chocolate bars from Ombar use pure ingredients and raw Ecuadorian cacao nibs to create bars that are naturally better. Using raw Ecuadorian cacao, unrefined coconut sugar, real juicy fruits and live cultures, every Ombar is packed full of goodness.


Ombar chocolate, £1.99, available at Ocado, Planet Organic, Wholefoods and independent health food stores, or online at


Nairn’s Fruit & Seed Oatcakes are the perfect on the go snack. They come in individual packets of 3, so you can pop them in your handbag and enjoy the fruit, oats and seeds.   They contain brown flaxseed for flavour and extra fibre plus those all-important Omega 3’s, and fabulous slow release energy from oats grown in the Scottish Borders.


Nairn’s Fruit & Seed Oatcakes £1.39, available at Waitrose nationwide and Morrisons in Scotland.



Pregnancy can cause havoc with your complexion, by either drying out your skin or causing pimples. If you suffer from the latter, this amazing NatraSan First Aid Spray is a must have. You simply spray it on the offending pimple and it disappears in a day or so. It is also safe to use on babies and even on their dummies!


NatraSan First Aid Spray £10.00 for 250ml, available at

Whatever stage of your pregnancy, I am sure you will enjoy these products, they certainly brightened up my first trimester, making it just that little bit easier. Roll on trimester 2, I am ready to glow and really enjoy this pregnancy.