FASHION – We love sparkly shoes

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Being a girl is fabulous but not always easy, so every so often I need to feel special, we all do. Of course I have that everyday comfy ugly pair lurking in my closet and it is so easy just to throw these on and have a perfectly ordinary day. Recently, one morning of such a dreadful wet day in New York City, I decided to put on my special pair of Mary Janes and take them for a spin, my screenplay manuscript tucked in the armpit nook of my London beige trench and hair getting frizzy from the pesky rain.

 I, as a European girl, walking is my cardio, but directions don’t always matter, so it is no surprise I found myself wandering through Perry Street, right in front of Carrie Bradshaw’s film location house. It suddenly all made sense, my shoes wanted to go there because I was wearing a dazzling pair of SJP Collection shoes. Those babies wanted their mama, the classy lady Sarah Jessica Parker, their creator.

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You can get your own magical pair of Mary Jane Tartt Pumps at Bloomingdales for $385 (or as any SATC fan would know it as Bloomies). But beware, they have a mind of their own and you might just find yourself somewhere unexpected. Just like a cute dog, these puppies attract human attention wherever they go, because they sparkle like a sassy disco ball and command adoration.

 All SJP Collection shoes are handmade in Italy and are finished off with a thin satin ribbon, a cute nod to Sarah’s childhood hair ribbons. The pumps are super comfy and come in half sizes.

My pair is even more special now after SJP put my picture (of me wearing her design) on her Instagram. I might be an actress but this is THE claim to fame!!

Petra Bryant, Heart London Magazine

Photo credits: Alberto Reyes

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