LONDON EVENTS – The new season of the LONDON CABARET CLUB begins

The London Cabaret Club takes place at Victoria House in Bloomsbury, before the show you will have the chance to have a nice cocktail and decompress after a long day. When you are ready (and you have finished your cocktail) it’s time for you to enjoy the show.

You will be served nice British tapas food with some wines before the show begins and can enjoy your food, as well as the show in the same time. During one evening, you will go back in time, to the 60s either in music and clothes, then 70s, 80s and finally 90s.

Nick Grimshaw, Stooshe, The London Cabaret Club Founders

It is an amazing show with excellent music choices, perfect for all ages. All the choreographies are well put together, with someone for every taste: ballerina, tango and even modern dance. The dancers were amazing and there is a nice cohesion between them.

It’s a rhythmic show, with smiley dancers, incredible dresses and suits. There is a change every 2/3 minutes, so if you don’t enjoy the tango, don’t worry a few minutes after you will have an incredible ballerina on stage. Moreover, between every decade there is a break and you will have the time to discuss the show with your friends and drink another glass of wine. The service is excellent and available every time you need them.

Nick Grimshaw

The London Cabaret Club is definitely one of our favourite places for having a great night, with good music, good food and amazing entertainment. As we were there for the first night of the show, we had the chance to see the radio presenter Nick Grimshaw play for the party. The only thing we can say is ‘It was sick!’


The London Cabaret Club Ltd.
Bloomsbury Ballroom, Victoria House, Bloomsbury Square, London WC1B 4DA



Heart London 4 Star Rating

Drink 4

Décor 5

Atmosphere 4

Food 4

Service 4


Noelle, Heart London Magazine