LIFESTYLE – Delsey: Luggage with Personality!

Let’s face it, travelling can be tedious and stressful!  The ceaseless worrying about getting to the airport on time, about not missing your connecting fight, and the added drama of the luggage!  We’ve all had that hideous experience of dragging heavy suitcases up and down inoperative escalators, had it bash into our heals with the case’s uncontrollable wheels,  trying desperately to prevent it crashing down the stairs into fellow passengers.  And after enduring all that, we are confronted by a precious check- in operator who is quibbling over mere milligrams of weight excess.   All that unnecessary anxiety and we haven’t even gotten to Duty Free yet!  By the time you have hurled your suitcase at the check-in desk, your arm feels dead and your back feels, well you know!   How can regular travellers tolerate this lifestyle?  But seasoned travellers have gotten this procedure down to a fine art.  One of their key components to a comfortable journey is their travel companion, their trusty reliable companion, the suitcase!    Without a decent suitcase the wretched journey becomes even more unbearable.  No, these seasoned travellers all seem to have comfortable cases in tow.   

Then there is the other type of traveller, the fashion conscious traveller, who doesn’t care about functionality.  All they want is to look good with their designer accessory.    They want to make an impact at check-in, advertising their level of prestige.   Unfortunately, functional and fashionable are often not symbiotic.  One is often compromised by the other. There is, however,  a brand that has been able to successfully combine these binary opposites. This brand is DELSEY.

Speaking to the marketing director of DELSEY, Catherine De Bleeker,  at their 70th year anniversary event in Paris, she outlined how customer input was imperative to the designs of their products.   From showing drawings of prototypes to customers to allowing customers to test them, DELSEY could ascertain what the well connected traveller really desired.     The foremost requirement was that the case should glide along the floor, but also have an effective breaking system.  DELSEY has therefore developed a 2 wheel push system that drives and breaks like a Rolls Royce.  Something that could protect without being heavy and cumbersome.   Secondly, customers wanted the luggage to be an extension of their personality, from the outrageous extrovert to the more subtle and subdued  individual.   The myriad of colours that the cases come in can easily appeal to everyone’s taste.  You can even match your suitcase with your socks and belts!   

In 2014, after presenting their first connecting flight prototype, DELSEY asked its users to vote on their favourite features. After much consultation with their customers, DELSEY finally revealed Pluggage – their first “connected” suitcase,  a product with all  the features that world travellers demand.  It was vital that the suitcase looked attractive, retained previously desired features, and  yet aggrandized new innovations.

Pluggage fuses all these features: unlock Pluggage with a smartphone or your fingerprint, verify the locking status and gets notification if your case is opened by customs or security.  Amazingly, the bag can weigh itself and will confirm whether you are within the weight limit as set by the airline you are travelling with. You will receive notification if your bag is moved further than 5 feet away and will also be informed of your bag’s arrival on the airport carousel.  With tracking powered by LUG LOC, you can keep track of your suitcase through your smartphone.   There is also now the DELSEY app. A battery charger is artfully incorporated within the case to recharge your technology.

All these elements combine to enhance the experience of the ultra connected traveller’s journey.

So say goodbye to the back breaking, stress-inducing travel, DELSEY has just re-defined stress-free travel!

The Pluggage will go on sale in 2017.   To check  out DELSEY more look up

Thank you to DELSEY for your amazing hospitality at the anniversary event and at the wonderful Hotel Paris Bastille Boutet – MGallery Collection.

Thank you for Voyages for the fantastic transport ( and #ParisWeLoveYou

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Darren Cheers, Heart London Magazine