LONDON EATERIES – Ours in Knightsbridge, an eclectic high-end eatery


Ours can be found in the borough of Knightsbridge, a well to do area of London town. The joys of this secret hideaway can’t be seen from the street, but stepping into the grand hallway, a pretty white tunnel, you know you are heading somewhere special. When you arrive into the restaurant itself, it is almost as if you have discovered the garden of Eden, right in the heart of London!

From start to finish every single member of staff was amazing, they obviously love their jobs and enjoy making guests feel special. The first person we came across was the fabulous maître d Claude, whose smile and amazing personality were infectious. Within minutes of arrival we were made to feel special and were excited about what the night could bring.


The bar in the centre of the restaurant was crowned with a beautiful tree, which was lit with stunning fairy lights and has been made into a special feature of this eclectic high-end eatery. The designer cleverly added a touch of nature, with plenty of trees throughout the venue, that also worked well with the beautiful wooden tables. The natural theme continued with lime green seat covers and tall windows that allowed plenty of light, giving the restaurant an open and spacious feel.

We began at the bar with cocktails, my friend began with a whisky sour and myself a virgin white clover. The presentation and taste of the drink was exquisite, the white clover bursts with berry flavour and was crowned with a pretty flower.


As we arrived at our table we were presented with the house Crudité, which proved to be a welcome spectacle. The tray arrived as an array of vegetables with dry ice in the centre, adding a touch of water ensured the dry iced flowed over the pretty mix of edible flowers and vegetables.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 20.58.56

Our waiter David was both charming and knowledgeable about the tempting menu. Every single dish that arrived was well presented and simply divine. The scallops melted in your mouth and were paired well with the coriander. The tomato salad was out of this world, a delicate array of layered tomatoes, which looked like a beautiful painting, with splashes of colour. This dish is a tomato delight with a refreshing tangy taste.  The ratatouille was presented in colourful layers and was full of flavour, while the John Dory fish was laid on a tangy tomato base.

Screen Shot 2016-07-24 at 21.01.02

Ours has a great atmosphere, which is buzzing with happy clientele. As the evening grew later the music became funky and was turned up a notch, creating a lively and vibrant atmosphere.  If you fancy making an evening of it, or just having a drink, pop upstairs to the lounge bar, which feels like a stylish living room!

Ours is a special find and well worth a visit, every moment was perfect, from the excellent food, to the perfect service, the buzzing atmosphere and the stunning décor. All roads lead to this one of a kind restaurant and bar, so pop along and enjoy a night of magic!

Ours, 264 Brompton Rd, London SW3 2AS, Tel; 020 7100 2200


Heart London Magazine 5 Star Rating

Atmosphere 5

Service 5

Décor 5

Drinks 5

Food 5

Cat, Heart London Magazine