ESCAPE LONDON – Unleash Your Inner Goddess in Barbados

Goddess Acumen. Mullins Beach edited

We take holidays to relax, to revive our flagged spirits and to recover our equilibrium, but how long do these effects last before we are clamouring for another holiday? A week, a month? There are, however, holidays where long term wellbeing is the ultimate objective rather than a by-product of escaping from the daily routine; holidays designed solely to help you to find balance on an ongoing rather than temporary basis. Goddess Acumen have recently launched Abundant Goddess & Yoga Retreats in Barbados, 7 day escapes which incorporate meditation, Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT) and Neuro Linguistic Programming (NLP) within a programme of daily workshops, activities and yoga classes to give women the space to re-connect with their inner goddess.

The goddess archetypes are Athena (career), Artemis (your wild side), Aphrodite (love and pampering), Hera (your power), Persephone (letting go) and Demeter (taking care of you). These archetypes are metaphors for how we live our lives but we may only be tapping into one source, like Aphrodite as we focus on our upcoming nuptials, or Athena with our drive for our careers. Likewise, we can struggle to tap into other goddess energies, say Persephone, as we experience difficulties in saying goodbye to a relationship. But if we can switch ourselves into each and every goddess energy, our power soars. Each day at the retreats is designed to do just this and is dedicated to a different goddess utilising the stunning surroundings of Barbados. From surfing to bring out your Artemis energy to a pampering day for Aphrodite, the goal is to wake up those goddesses that are dormant.

Accommodation during the retreat is at The Legend Garden Condos, a historic plantation lavished with coconut, mango and palm trees and home to a charming collection of boutique 1 and 2 bedroom apartments. The Legend is set on the shores of idyllic Mullins Beach on the island’s west coast which is often known as the platinum coast for its profusion of beautiful beaches. There’s also the chance to experience other parts of the island like Oistins, to sample their legendary Friday fish fry, a community activity where locals and tourists get together for some delicious freshly cooked fish. And as it’s all part of day seven’s dedicated to Hera and unleashing your power, it’s an essential step in your goddess journey!

Perhaps one of the most appealing aspects of the Abundant Goddess Retreats isn’t the beautiful location, the friends you will meet or the experiences that you will have but what you will take away with you, namely the best version of yourself. Someone who is positive, revitalised and ready to take on life. And for 6 months following the retreat there is a schedule of follow up activity to support you as you integrate the new techniques into daily life.

Goddess Acumen’s Abundant Goddess & Yoga Retreats will be held in Barbados, 8-16th October 2016 and 29th April-7th May 2017. Packages which include flights from the UK, most meals and accommodation start from £2999pp in a private room, early booking offers may be available. Please visit


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Goddess Acumen empowers women to feel like the Goddesses they are, unleashing every aspect of their femininity and aiding their journey to finding more purpose, freedom and balance through one-on-one sessions, group events, inspirational talks and writing. Led by Oxford philosophy graduate Dr Helen Johnson, a practitioner in Integrated Energy Techniques with a PhD in transforming lives, Goddess Acumen offers Emotional Freedom Therapy (EFT), Hypnosis and Neuro Linguistic Programming to aid women to release negative energy, learn new skills and through greater insight about themselves, to allow the most authentic them to emerge. For further information please visit