BEAUTY – Beuti Sleep Elixir – Plant love doing the face job whilst you’re sleeping

I have been hearing about the amazing benefits from facial oils for a long time now but haven’t gotten round to trying any. Having lived in Spain for several years and admittedly have not been too good about protecting my skin from sun damage, I’m quite excited to get my hands on Beuti’s Beauty Sleep Elixir. A facial oil packed to the max with a cocktail of organic seed oils such as Camellia oil, Chia seed oil, Bitter cherry oil, Pomegranate, the list goes on. Add anti-inflammatory ingredients to the mix as well. up first at the palm of your hand and then massage in the warm oil.

Hmm sounds too good to be true, as I also suffer from a puffy morning face (no I’m not one of those girls who wake up looking like an innocent sweet fairy, think more of a blow fish). The first thing that hits me is the gorgeous smell, literally a bouquet of warm natural plant and fruity scents, so I know this is going to be good. I have been told you get the best out of facial oils by warming them up first at the palm of your hand and massaging it into your skin, so I do so. I must admit that the idea of putting oil onto my combination skin type, sounds a bit weird. It feels rich at first but turns into a silky, glowing touch and absorbs nicely into the skin without leaving a clogged up feeling, just light and clean. I started using this oil religiously every night before bedtime. After a month I can clearly see that my skin tone is evening out, laughter lines less prominent and that one stubborn and annoying wrinkle on my forehead is not so aggressive anymore. Hooray, and the biggest turn-on about this oil is that I’m starting to dare going without make up and not freak out every time I catch a glimpse of myself. That in itself is a winner, especially in the summer months. The anti-inflammatory goodness (Caribbean coral) is a huge contributor to this I’m sure. Why haven’t I thought of that before? Gosh this seems to really work and I’m finding myself looking forward to my nightly date with this egg shaped little bottle of organic goodness.

Available at Beauti Skincare for £42.00

Stef, Heart London Magazine

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