DRINK – #FLAMINGOEMOJI cocktail created by Chambord

Mon cheris, listen up, the Flamingo Emoji has finally arrived. Hip-Hip!

After keeping the peepers on the newest emojis, it has become clear that a certain pink feathered friend, which stands on one leg, was missing from the line-up.

But fear not my saucisse, as the #flamingoemoji Cocktail recipe, made with Chambord, black raspberry liqueur, has been created to solve the problem. Tres bien!

Follow the simple recipe below to create delicious cocktails at home for you and your friends. No longer will you have to ask #whereistheflamingoemoji. Enjoy!

#flamingoemoji cocktail
25ml Chambord

15ml gin

40ml grapefruit juice

1 raspberry

Top with your favourite sparkling wine. Bon!

Shake shake shake the Chambord, gin and grapefruit juice over ice and strain into a flamingo glass (of course!). Then top with your favourite sparkling wine and finish with a raspberry.