MUSIC – Emmerdale star Gemma Oaten gets dumped at the alter

After overcoming recent adversities, Gemma Oaten famed for her role as Rachel Breckle on Emmerdale, has suffered a major setback by getting dumped at the alter by a mystery man this month.

The small ceremony took place in a charming, antiquated church, and was part of a music video for the upcoming artist, John Galea’s new single ‘When you truly love someone’.

The music video sees Gemma bring her unparalleled presence to the screen, emulating the raw emotion of the power balled, all the while radiating an air of elegance; making the video a must see.

‘When you truly love someone’ is taken from John Galea’s upcoming EP ‘Missing Pages’, with the single set for release on November 25th. The award-winning artist described the song as a poignant narrative to his personal struggle with the world of dating.

When You Truly Love Someone will be available on iTunes, Amazon, Spotify, Apple Music and Tidal, from November 25th.